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5 Key Takeaways From SiriusDecisions Summit 2015

5 Key Takeaways From SiriusDecisions Summit 2015

Last week, Social123 made the journey to Nashville, TN to sponsor and attend the 2015 SiriusDecisions Summit. We heard so many great sessions, learned a LOT and even spent some time listening to Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson talk about understanding your buyers and your market as well as how to be a passionate leader that makes the people around you better. With everything we learned we wanted to highlight on the things that stuck with us most; here are the top 5 takeaways from the Summit:


1.) Data is now a solution and an asset:

The modern marketer faces an industry receptive to utilizing powerful data based marketing tools.  They are realizing the value of knowing more about their customers and using data to hyper-segment and strategically target their audience. A huge range of businesses are emerging to monetize the data, and frankly to make it useful. Companies are more than ready to extract value from the data they are collecting, and looking for solutions to help manage the data.


2.) Know your customer:

Magic Johnson was an excellent speaker who exuded charisma and incited ambition, but what was most relevant of all was the insight he offered around the customer, human nature, and keeping it simple. When Magic partnered with Starbucks, he had a good idea of who the urban customer was; he used a strategic approach that would appeal to this audience.  For example, he wanted to make a change to the food being sold, so instead of scones, these stores were offering things like peach cobbler. “I know my customer, I know what they want, and I’m going to deliver it to them.” And Magic was right, there’s no excuse for a marketer to not know their customer with the level of analytics we have available. A happy customer leads to success, and success is just what Magic saw as result of his customer-driven tactics.


3.) Sales and Marketing Alignment = Success:

Sales and Marketing alignment – a phrase that typically makes a marketer cringe, is now something that simply must be addressed in order to achieve success. When both teams are aligned with common goals for leads, opportunities, pipeline and revenue, the company can perform at top capacity. Thanks to the advancement of marketing automation platforms, CRMs, better methods for demand generation and funnel conversion companies are taking the steps needed to align activities and goals between sales and marketing.


4.) Beware Unused Content:

SiriusDecisions predicted that only 35% of content is used. With such staggering numbers, sales and marketing alignment has become an important part of content strategy.  The sessions we attended discussed ways that marketing, sales and product can ensure that the percentage of unused content can be significantly decreased. If marketing is able to understand more about their content engagement, they could conduct regular audits to ensure they are creating and delivering the most effective efforts. This, in turn, would allow sales to use the most effective content and help drive engagement in the field. The quality of the content matters much more than quantity, and with better insights, sales and marketing can engage their audience strategically.


5.) Investments In Marketing Technologies are On The Rise:

SiriusDecisions reported that for companies that generate less than $100 Million annually, investment in marketing technology has increased 300% in the last 4 years. Growing teams, means growing tools for B2B marketers. More marketing teams are implementing sophisticated lead scoring programs, global demand generation strategies, and dynamic content. The results are more qualified leads, increased engagement, a fuller, faster funnel and accurate forecasting.


There was so much to cover at SiriusDecisions Summit that I could go on and on with many more takeaways, but I’d rather hear some other perspectives. What did you learn at this year’s #SDSummit? Which session/speaker impressed you the most? What sessions will drive change in your company this year?


Not to worry – the event wasn’t only about the sessions, we were able to enjoy live music, and great food at the #AtlTakesOver after party that we hosted with fellow ATLiens Terminus, Insightpool, Salesloft, Pardot, and Arke!


Stephanie Sorensen
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