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If you have been keeping up to date with digital marketing, you'll have heard a lot about the term content marketing over the last couple of years. In digital marketing we use it as a general term to cover blog posts, video content, downloadable content and social media. In reality it is much wider than this and has been around for a lot longer...

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With 2017 practically nipping at our heels, it’s probably a fair assumption that marketers everywhere are deep in the throes of finalizing their budgets for next year. If this applies to you, take comfort in knowing that you're not alone, and that many of us share your burden. For nonprofit marketers in particular, annual budgeting can be both a blessing and a curse. According...

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The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. In fact, the two are so closely related, that many marketers think they are essentially the same thing. But they aren’t. Not really. Let’s take a closer look at the definition of each and examine how they are similar, and more importantly, how they are different. Content marketing, by definition, is a marketing strategy that focuses on...

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Despite the rapid rise in social media and alternative chat technologies; in 2016 email remained the most popular business channel for marketing communications. This is ahead of other traditional channels incl. outbound calls and direct mail. So clearly still a must-use channel for many businesses; on 1 February MyWorkSpot invited email marketing specialist, Janine Hamilton, from Digital River to give our Maidenhead coworkers a run...

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In nearly every speech or Webinar I conduct, someone in the audience asks “But all this social media stuff doesn’t apply to B2B right?” Yes, social media applies to B2B. In fact, social media can be MORE transformative for a B2B company than a B2C company. This is because B2B has a smaller potential customer base, a higher average price point, and a customer decision...

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B2B marketers are increasing their social media activity and budget spend as a growing number of 18-34 year olds enter the B2B workspace. The results of Green Hat’s ‘B2B Marketing Outlook 2017’ are in, and reveal the opinions, intentions and budget plans of B2B marketers for the next 12 months. Read the source article at Marketing Mag...

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The evolving B2B marketing trends reveal that tried and true strategies like email campaigns are back in vogue while the term ‘digital advertising’ is outdated. With content marketing, marketing automation, paid amplification and mobile optimization seen as emerging trends, ad blocking and BOT- fraud will increasingly pose challenges to B2B marketers. Here are ten B2B marketing trends to be on the look out for. 1. Read...

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Creating a balanced budget is not an easy task, especially when it comes to your marketing budget. You need to figure out which activities will generate maximum exposure and ensure your investments will pay off. There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. What works for one company might not work the same way for yours. Therefore, business owners and marketers must plan their budgets carefully based on...

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Having an efficient way to update and manage your donors in your organization’s database is directly aligned with your marketing and fundraising success. Your current constituents and prospective supporters are the basis for your organization's success and whom you'll be engaging with via email, social media, and even in person. Read the source article at HubSpot Blog Homepage...

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