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Are you seeking ways to take your content marketing strategy to the next level? There are thousands of tactics to consider, but you have a limited supply of time, money, and energy. Even if you are among the 42% of B2B marketers who say they’re effective at content marketing, there is always room for improvement. If you want to make the most of content marketing,...

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In a recent survey of 200 retail marketers, we found that 1 in 5 of marketing organizations fell short of their marketing goals in 2016. Of the organizations that did succeed, 75% said the correlation was tied to budget growth. In an ideal world, every year marketing budgets increase – but that’s wishful thinking. Teams are challenged when they lack headcount, technical and financial resources. Read...

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Are you up-to-date on current email marketing trends? Marketing tactics are always evolving, so it's challenging for businesses to keep up. To stay "in the know" you need to read trade journals, check out recent case studies and be a "stats junkie" who can decode the success behind metrics. But, who has time to do all that? Leave the heavy lifting to the pros, and...

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Social media powerhouse Neal Shaffer outlines the steps to developing a killer content strategy for social. Most content marketers get social media wrong because they only view it as an amplification channel. If you plan to use your content marketing strategy for social media as a means to “advertise,” it’s time to change direction. Your audience is on social media because they want to socialize....

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LinkedIn has long been known as the top social platform for B2B marketers, with the professional focus of the network aligning it more closely with internal business operations, as opposed to customer-facing opportunities. Underlining this, LinkedIn has released a new infographic which outlines the key strengths of the platform from a B2B perspective. Read the source article at Sia with Watson by Opentopic...

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Online copywriting is a pivotal piece of your marketing strategy. It literally can be found in every part of the process, from the copy you use on social media to drive traffic to the sales copy on the landing pages. The fact is, if your online copywriting is poor, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your marketing is – you’ll get no traffic...

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Marketers are always looking for more great content. Whether you’re hoping to improve your conversion rates, master landing pages, or write your first press releases, content marketing blogs offer endless resources — and for free! We’ve collected the top 20 content marketing blog, based on purely on their traffic numbers, so you’ll never lack inspiration or knowledge. There’s no disputing HubSpot’s claim on the content...

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Instagram analytics are a key part of any Instagram marketing strategy. Without analytics, your Instagram marketing efforts can be a little hit-and-miss. How do you know if your Instagram marketing strategy is going well? How do you track your Instagram performance and improve your content? Analytics are often essential for answering your questions. Read the source article at Social...

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