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5 Ways to Prevent High Bounce Rates

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1. List Import Errors

Check your CSV file for formatting errors before adding information into important fields, like the email address field. Incorrect file formats or other inconsistencies can cause some or all email addresses to be blocked from import.

2. Email Validation Providers

If you decide to go with an email validation provider, make sure that they can not only validate the naming convention of the email but also have the ability to provide receiving server information (SMTP negotiation), like whether it is a catch-all server and what the risk assessment might be for that email address.

3. Free Email Service

Use an email address from a private domain instead of relying on a free email service. Free email addresses get lower deliverability, are more vulnerable to spammers, and make your business appear less credible. Are you planning on being around in the long term? Then invest.

4. Stale Lists

Reconfirm inactive subscribers. If you’ve been using your list for some time and experience high bounce rates, you may be sending to uninterested subscribers.

5. Dirty Data

On the other hand, if your list is brand new and you’re noticing high bounce rates, it may have been improperly compiled and in need of data cleaning.