Who We Are

Synthio helps B2B companies reach their ideal buyers, grow their contact database, and manage their data quality.

The Synthio Story

Many B2B companies struggle to keep their contact data clean and useful. That’s why leading global brands improve their prospecting performance and sales conversion rates by using Synthio’s contact data management platform. Utilizing our data health analysis and self-service functionalities, companies can build, refresh, cleanse, and append customer data sets on the fly. The data is then continuously maintained to ensure integrity. Even more, they appreciate that we follow the person, not the company. With Synthio’s B2B data management platform, you know you’re constantly in contact with the right person, allowing you to reach your desired audience with the most effective message. To learn more, check out this post: “What is a Customer Data Platform?”

Why Choose Synthio?

  • Our contact-centric approach helps you capture more precise insights about your contacts and recover more lost contacts to expand your marketing reach.
  • Our global database provides the largest volume of global B2B contacts, ensuring enterprise organizations can depend on a single source of data for international growth.
  • Our customer success team serves as an extension of your own to ensure you get the most out of your investment and your marketing programs.
  • Our commitment to data integrity and unique continuous validation process give you confidence that you are always using the most comprehensive, current and compliant data.
  • Our cost-effective subscription model allows you to predictably plan for data investments and continually maintain a healthy contact database.
  • Our open platform supports seamless workflows between our data and your sales and marketing systems to ensure your team is using the most accurate and current contact data.

The marketing technology landscape continues to grow exponentially. When you invest in new tools, don’t forget to invest in the foundation that powers them: your contact data. Discover our B2B data management platform features below.


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