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4 Key Plays to Tackle Sales and Marketing Misalignment — Infographic

Sales and marketing alignment can cause tension, with each department so consumed in their own processes and having no idea what their counterpart is doing. However, a winning team consists of both departments working together to fuel revenue growth and drive business.


According to the Aberdeen Group, highly aligned organizations achieve an average of 32% year-over-year growth, with their non-aligned competitors experiencing a 7% decrease. The stats don’t lie!


The infographic below gives you an exclusive peek into Synthio’s Official Playbook for Sales & Marketing Alignment. The 4 key plays below are the first steps you need to take to tackle sales and marketing misalignment within your organization. Ready to get into the game?



Ready to fully align sales and marketing? Download our Official Playbook for Sales and Marketing Alignment to get the full playsheet you need to fuel alignment in your company in order to drive revenue growth and encourage success.