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4 Takeaways from #C2C16

Myself and three of my (awesome) Social123 colleagues recently made our way to Scottsdale, AZ, for Demand Gen Report’s B2B Content 2 Conversion Event aka #C2C16.  Aside from some welcomed sunshine and relaxation time, we all came back with some pretty great takeaways when it comes to B2B marketing. Here were a few that stood out.

New Rule: B2B Does NOT Mean “Be Too Boring”

This comes from David Scott and I absolutely love it; it is all too true. Even though it’s business to business, it should really be business to people. Our marketing approach should not be boring.  “It’s not your sales cycle, it’s your buyer’s buying cycle.” Make it interesting and make it easy for your buyer to understand and engage. Just because we market and sell to businesses and buying groups, doesn’t mean that we have to be robotic and overly professional – have fun with it, make it fun and effortless for your buyers.


This point transitions nicely from not being to boring in B2B. Many of the sessions circled back to the idea of being genuine, even if it means being vulnerable. We always preach at Social123 to be human and be real. Why? Because our buyers are also human, and real (aka Human-2-human). Davis Scott even brought up stock photography and suggested that marketers should use real photos because people want to see what is truly behind the brand; it builds trust.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

“Content is the Convergence of sales and marketing.” (David Scott) I always tell my sales team how lucky they are to be able to have an actual relationship with the buyer, because marketing can really only have a relationship with the audience. Marketing is 1 to many and Sales is 1 to 1, so when it comes to online content, you are what you publish.  Content is something both marketing and sales touch, so aligning the use of it is key. Several speakers advised us to make our content free and non-gated because it encourages and enables people share, and that is a great way to get your content spread to more of your audience.

Real Time is Your Secret Weapon

People don’t like to wait…especially millennials. Furthermore, the average professional is pretty busy, so when they engage, you better be prepared to respond with genuine help the moment they raise their hand. People also forget – shoot I forgot what I ate for lunch yesterday.  Don’t make your audience wait around for you, you don’t want them to forget about you or have a reason to not engage.

As you can see, we got to learn from some pretty great speakers and we are already getting excited for #C2C17.

Were you at #C2C16? What takeaways did you get from the event? Let us know and feel free to tag us in your response!