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5 Reasons to be Thankful for Clean Data

Clean data has been overlooked for years, but in this digital marketing era clean data (updated and enriched b2b contact records) is the most powerful tool a marketer can have. Here are 5 reasons to be thankful for clean data.

My messaging matters!

There are few feelings worse than working really hard on something and having it all go to waste. Marketers and content creators put a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of thought (and money) into their email campaigns. Unfortunately, more times than not, the hard work they put into creating messaging does go to waste because the contact simply never received it… OR even worse, the wrong contact received the message. The terrible part of all this is that the marketing team likely doesn’t even realize it’s happening other than bounce/open rates. Make your messaging matter- get it to the RIGHT contacts and avoid the wrong ones! Even better, create new content for the wrong emails and target it specifically at them based off of what you know about them. There’s really only one way to get your content into the right hands and that’s by having not just clean data but enriched data as well. The more you know about your contact database, the better your marketing efforts will be.

Bounce Rates

It’s no fun reporting your email campaign findings to the higher-ups when the results are crummy. If your contact database is clean, validated and regularly updated/appended, the bounce rates are sure to decrease. Marketers should use every single bit of information about each contact in their database, including the type of receiving server the contacts have. If getting the bounce rate down is what your CEO cares about most, remove all of the email addresses that have an ‘accepts-all’ server. If a company has an accept-all server (about 50% do), it means that the server will accept anything, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will get to the intended recipient. For example, a company may want to have access to emails that are sent to employees who no longer work at their company. However, if your CEO cares more about reach and leads, then leave the ‘accepts-alls’ in there. (Oh, and if you don’t have data about the receiving server, Synthio can help…its SO valuable to have that info and as a marketer I wouldn’t do email campaigns without it!)

It is important to note that your IP address reputation will affect bounce rates regardless, and there’s a little you can do about it quickly. If your IP address has been used to spam people, its probably going to get blocked by the receiving server and/or blacklisted. Be wary of being in an IP pool with others: if you don’t know whom you’re sharing with and what their email marketing practices are, stay away!

Segmentation and small net fishing

The cleaner the data, the better the segmentation. If your data is clean and enriched, then you probably know a lot about each contact in your database… and the more you know, the more you can segment. If you know that 20% of your contact database has a CMO title, isolate the CMOs and create content just for them that you know they can relate to. Everyone knows that a CMO gets excited for MQLs and ROI so create content and offers based on that. As a data marketer, segmenting lists and small net fishing are among the most fun things to do in marketing.


To most marketers, MQL (marketing qualified lead) = GOLD. Sales people are measured by the amount of calls they’ve made each day, the number of appointments they set and of course, the quantity and quality of closed deals. Marketing is a bit more difficult to measure, but MQLs are a direct form of measuring demand. These are leads that marketing has deemed “qualified”, so in a perfect world, marketing will be most confident in these leads closing and will send them over to sales. These leads will meet a certain criteria set by marketing and when the time is ready and they have been nurtured enough, marketing sends them on over. But what happens when you get angry response from the sales team, claiming that your leads are no good and have all been disqualified?!

Marketing may respond by saying that the “MQLs” they sent to sales are hot leads of people with actual interest. Okay, maybe so, but what if you could send even hotter leads, not just people with interest but people who have their Amex ready in-hand? If you have quality data, you can identify those who are the most likely to be interestedbefore you even send out the campaign. Your ratios will go through the roof! Enriched data means you already know enough about your contacts that you can fearlessly suppress 10,000 contacts just because they don’t have the title you are looking for. So your list gets smaller, but now the list is comprised of decision makers only. These are the folks who can do something about their interest and not just fill out a form. And depending on how targeted your messaging is and how segmented your list is, these will become quality MQLs, fast.

It’s not that having bad data will completely ruin your business, its that having CLEAN and enriched data is so beneficial that it can actually launch your business and will generate QUALITY leads, demand, awareness and the ability to get targeted messaging to the right people.


Your CEO’s favorite topic. Us marketers, we LOVE spending money! One thing that I spend a lot of my budget on is having a quality marketing automation platform. I truly believe that it is worth every penny, but without good data to fill your MAP, I would have to say that the money it costs to have it, is wasted. Most MAPs charge based off of how many people you are sending to each month. Uploading huge marketing lists and then large net fish without targeting and segmenting is where the territory becomes especially wasteful. Why blast 100,000 people with the same message when you can touch 10,000 in separate, segmented campaigns with targeted messaging? Its safe to bet that you will get more MQLs out of that 10,000 than the 100,000 AND you just saved your company big bucks by limiting your reach…adding contacts on a MAP is actually pretty steep $$$.