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6 Signs that Your Contact Database on the Naughty List

6 Signs that Your Contact Database on the Naughty List


Many businesses neglect this very valuable asset – their contact database. Why? A few feel that maintaining their contact database is just too time consuming to keep up to date, while most just doesn’t seem to realize the gold mine that an accurate and enriched contact database actually is. So, take a look back at the year in review…is your contact database on the naughty list this year?

Here are 6 signs that it might be:


  1. High Bounce Rates

Having high bounce rate indicate that your contact data is dirty, meaning you have a lot of invalid emails in your database. Regardless of how you collect your contact data, regularly cleaning your database is essential if you want to keep your hard bounce rates low. Just imagine how many of us wouldn’t find presents under the tree if Santa’s “nice” list were dirty?


  1. Insufficient Contact Insights

Just how much insight do you have on the contacts in your database? The more fields you have available to you, the better the quality and the more impressive the results of your targeting efforts will be. It’s also important that the information you have is accurate and timely.


  1. Spam Complaints

If people are reporting your emails as spam, not only is the content not relevant to them, but they aren’t the right people to be emailing/contacting in the first place. Even legitimate businesses with clean contact lists will receive an abuse report once in awhile. Stale lists can cause spam complaints as do purchased/rented lists, third party and trade show lists.


  1. Opt Outs

If contacts are opting out of your emails, the obvious reason is because they don’t want to receive your messages. Why they don’t want to receive your emails is almost as obvious, typically coming down to your not having gathered enough insight about them to create compelling, targeted messages that are relevant to them or because you’re sending out too many messages that started to feel like spam.


  1. Inactive Leads

Inactive leads can have a negative impact your email marketing system in three vital ways; reduced deliverability, inadequate performance measurements, and resource allocation. In addition, if the inactive leads are merely not interested, marketing to them has the potential of negatively affecting your brand’s reputation.


  1. Big Data Fall Out

Are you using big data to help manage your list (s) to find out who’s been naughty when it comes to your contact database? If not, keep this in mind; businesses that have taken the time to effectively generate and implement big data strategies are in a position to gain a competitive advantage. If you don’t want to be on the contact database naughty list in 2015, start taking advantage of big data.


Remember, nobody’s perfect and this applies to your contact database too. Bad data can infiltrate any database, whether it’s duplicate contacts, junk records or improperly formatted leads. The good news is that all you need to do is make sure it gets cleaned out. You’ve probably heard the marketing expression “Content is King”; well a contact database that doesn’t make the naughty list is even more important and needs to be regarded as a valuable asset. It’s a powerful resource for marketing intelligence and a highly effective tool for establishing relevance and nurturing relationships.