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A Day in My Hectic Life

A Day in My Hectic Life

This blog post is the last of five in a series about what goes on in the various departments at Social123. Our company is made up of innovators and leaders that all come together to create and promote an industry-leading product in the contact data space.  These blogs are meant to give you an inside look of what goes on behind the scenes of our powerhouse company! Enjoy!

Let’s begin with that dreadful alarm that goes off at 5:30AM. And continues to go off…for an hour and a half until I enter a normal state of consciousness. I shower, grab a quick bite to eat, pack my briefcase and head out to arrive in-office around 7:30/8:00AM.

I’m usually one of the first to arrive for strategic reasons, not because I really want to show up early, but because when the office is calm/empty, I can get a lot of my menial tasks done or other tasks that require silence. One key piece to the early arrival strategy is to then keep my door shut so no one knows I’m there. #StealthMarketer. And it goes without saying that I am very very lucky to have a door, as I know that may not always be the case. And don’t get it twisted, collaboration is what makes my the Social123 world go ‘round, I just need some quiet time.

Once the hustle bustle starts, my door opens and the craziness begins. What I love about my job as a marketer is that no two days are ever the same. It’s always chaotic, with deadlines, tons of brainstorming sessions, writing, interviews, reporting, demand gen, video shoots – it never gets old and I love every second of it. I thrive off of the pressure of deadlines and I’m energized by the chaos of having 30 different tasks to complete in a day and having to juggle 100 things.

In my experience as a marketer, I’ve noticed a trend, that for some reason, the main marketing office seems to be the place where everyone goes to vent, laugh, share ideas, talk about the weekend and whatever else. There is almost never a time where I’m the only one in my office. Sales reps come in to pitch new ideas and ask to run certain campaigns, some folks come in with website suggestions, sometimes it’s my boss who wants to talk product and marketing updates, and a lot of the time it’s members of my team coming in to brainstorm on something or they’re sitting in a quick training sesh with me. Whatever the case may be, I secretly love being distracted by my Social123 family throughout the day.

Heading up a marketing department at a tech startup means wearing tons of hats and hustling very hard. My goal is to get to a point where I’m only overseeing and delegating, but as we grow and evolve along the way, I have to be more involved on some projects than others. I manage my awesome team, I lay out the yearly marketing strategy (2016 is the year we started ABM), build my yearly budget, head up the event scene and event relations, manage vendor relations, meet weekly with the leadership team, occasionally with board members, investors and much much more. I even sometimes catch myself in the Adobe creative suite designing ads …but I know that I need to eventually phase out of that kind of involvement (which I’m holding on to very tight because I’m very passionate about design!!). Another thing I do that I find to be very important, is having standing weekly meetings with my other department heads – I feel it is important for them to know what I’m working on, what I think is important and to share ideas; I also want to know what they’re doing, how can I help? and how can we best collaborate to reach our goals? I particularly enjoy my one-on-ones with my boss, our CEO. We have an awesome relationship and these weekly meetings are opportunities for me to pick his brain, to present my new ideas and to listen to feedback on campaigns that have already launched. He tells me exactly what he thinks without any filter and, good or bad, I can’t get enough of it.

This blog post is structured similar to my day – I start out organized with my main goals in mind, then I blink my eyes and its 6:00pm and I’m wondering where the time went. I’ve meandered down several different paths throughout the day accomplishing tons of tasks…but somehow, it never seems like I’ve done enough. I think that is the psychotic work ethic athlete mentality baked into my brain, though. However, everyone else seems to think I do too much and they oftentimes have to PUSH me out of the office or MAKE me go get lunch.

After I wrap up at the office, a few times a month I will go meet up with some local marketers for wine night. We rotate hostesses and go on and on about our current campaigns, our pain points, successes, wins and only sometimes do we talk about our personal lives…it’s amazing how we can keep on blabbing so much about marketing…we must love it!

It’s a crazy life as a B2B tech marketer but I’m here for the ride and won’t be hopping off anytime soon.

What’s a day look like in your shoes?