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Another Flipping #FMF

Another Flipping #FMF

Another successful #FlipMyFunnel is officially in the books for me and my Social123 team. We headed up to Boston last week to meet the Bostonian marketers interested in flipping their funnels. At Social123, we do a darn good job at filling funnels so it makes a lot of sense for us to hang around the #ABM crowd. We are in the Terminus #ABM cloud after all. That rhymes. Hehe.

Allow me to fill you in on some of the best parts:

  1. “Sangram Here.” – Ahhh! The phrase we all love so much, from none other than Sangram Vajre himself. It’s like the dinner bell… we all know when we hear it that it’s time to eat, but with Sangram and his unforgettable salutation, it’s time to for our brains to eat. And what’s on the menu? A whole lot of #ABM from the biggest players in the game.
  2. ‘ABE’ – I cannot deny that I love and genuinely believe in ABE…account.based.everything. Big shout out to Jon Miller who spelled out (literally and figuratively) the right way to implement a successful account based marketing program in his session. It’s not just about marketing; if you want to land your target accounts and expand the relationships within those accounts, the efforts have to come from sales, product, and customer success too. Marketing alone, won’t get the job done.
  3. #FlipMyFunnel Turned 1! – On the morning of the conference I woke up and do what most millennials do: check Timehop. I always want to see what ‘past Emily’ was up to this day in history. To my surprise, 20+ photos showed up from Facebook and Instagram that I uploaded one year ago to the day, that showed the first ever #FMF stage with Jeffrey Jaffe and Sangram launching the #FMF movement. I had pictures of the Salesfusion team at their booth, the infer team, Meagan Eisenberg on stage talking about customer advocacy and Jill Rowley talking social media. Fast forward one year later, I’m shoving birthday cupcakes into my face and washing it back with celebratory champagne. Great times. Happy Birthday to you #FlipMyFunnel!
  4. Data, data, data – How could I not say that the panel that I spoke on was one of my favorites?! I’d be crazy not to, especially with the folks I had on either side of me AND it was standing room only (woo!)! On stage with me was Frannie Danzinger of 6sense, Tom O’Regan of MadisonLogic and Andre Yee of Triblio. We got into the dirty details of data and how it ties into our marketing world. We covered how you should clean, how often you should clean, who is the owner of the data in a company, who are the admins of your tools, how to leverage certain data points, etc. It was good fun, and an honor to share the stage with them. Hope the audience enjoyed!
  5. Honorable mentions go to Maria Pergolino, Jill Rowley and Joe Chernov for the amazing commentary in their “Cut the Bullshit on ABM” session. Another mention goes to Tyler Lessard for his session around video personalization and how to get your target accounts to actually like the fact that you’re targeting them.

Again, I can confidently say that there is another successful #FMF in the Social123 books…and if I had a million dollars, I’d bet the Terminus team is saying the same thing about their successes!

Did YOU go to #FMFBoston? What was your favorite part?