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B2B Remarketing for Profitable Lead Generation


Online retailers (B2C businesses) have been putting remarketing campaigns and strategies into action for years. On the flip side, most B2B companies haven’t completely adopted remarketing yet and if they do, many manage unproductive remarketing campaigns. Unfortunately, by not taking advantage of remarketing for lead generation, they are letting prospective clients slip through their fingers. The goal of this article is to provide a few creative and highly effective strategies for B2B remarketing.

The Evolution of B2B Remarketing:

Retargeting for B2B has evolved and become more innovative. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Adroll have continued to add new features and targeting that help marketers nurture potential clients instead of stalking them. Business to business companies that embrace these special features will enjoy an increase in leads and do so at a lower cost because of a much faster conversion process.

Improved Targeting with Traffic Segmentation

Never assume all visitors to your website are qualified leads. To make the most of your remarketing efforts, you should establish a user profile of your highest quality traffic by analyzing behavior flow, engagement of the traffic and your existing leads. Today you can create offers and ads that target your high quality audiences and lead them through the sales cycle. The following are just a few things you ill want to consider to segment your target audience(s).

• The amount of time visitors remain on the website

• The number of pages visited

• How many times viewers visited the site

• The products and services browsed through

• Following the sales funnel path, addressing and managing opportunities.


Be Creative and Use Common Sense When Producing Your Targeted Ads

Take the time to be creative with your ads and segmenting your audiences (keywords/sex/age/interests) and whatever you do, don’t simply use the same ad to target everybody on your remarketing list. Makes sense, right? Instead, tailor your ads so that they appeal directly to the potential customers you are targeting.


Segment Your Target Audience Based on Service/Product Related Page Visits

Build an ad campaign based on a theme whether its sports, home improvement, online marketing, etc., and come up with an offer that will re-engage prospects that fit in with the campaign’s theme. Perhaps a themed webinar (sports/holiday) about your latest product or service and giving away a related, cool gift to participants (sports jersey, etc.). This one step offers a lot of great opportunities to be creative and interact with your clients. There are a wide variety of B2B lead generation strategies you can come up with to take advantage of remarketing and assessing, monitoring, and evaluating your audience.  The results with will help you come up with high conversion campaigns.


Confirm That Your Ads Make Sense

Most of us are subjected to remarketing ads on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in way too many cases, the content of the website doesn’t match the ad your potential client is shown; this is the perfect indication of a bad remarketing campaign. This is also where your business ends up looking like a stalker. Taking the time to come up with well-targeted remarketing ads that will nurture your leads isn’t all that difficult. Today’s new remarketing tactics make it easier for businesses to be more effective with their B2B lead generation strategies


Branding on a Budget

One really cool and often overlooked benefit of remarketing for B2B is the power of branding, for free. A significant number of ads are seen but not clicked on. What does this mean to B2B marketing? It means you’ll be able to reinforce your brand as well as re-engage your target audience, quite often with view through conversions, without paying for it. For those who don’t know, view through conversions take place when a prospect takes note of a remarketing ad but at the time doesn’t click on it; instead down the road they convert on the businesses website. This system is a great way to measure the branding performance of retargeting ad campaigns.


You Don’t Need to Just Attract Prospects with Ads

Re-targeting with social media and content is a great way to keep your potential clients educated and engaged. Use social media (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter, etc.) to nurture your prospective clients with targeted tweets and posts. Take the time to build trust through education, using high quality content about the special features and unique benefits of your services and products.

B2B remarketing campaigns can be an incredible lead generating resource and there’s always room to beat out your competition because most businesses don’t take the time to try it, or if they do, they don’t do it well. Take the time and put in the effort to create high quality, relevant, and unique remarketing campaigns that test new ideas and have inspiring offers. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.