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Full Funnel Marketing in Seattle!

Take me back to Seattle please! Last week, myself and my head of alliances headed up and over to Seattle, Washington, for Heinz Marketing’s Full Funnel event. Everyone loves having a full funnel right? But in order to best manage your funnel, you have to give love and attention to all of the stages within it. Most marketers tend to focus on the top of the funnel and how to get more net new leads into it, but there is still value to be derived from the middle and bottom of the funnel. Almost 200 marketers flocked to the Heinz event to learn more about how to give the right attention to all stages of the funnel at the right time. The headlining speakers included Megan Heuer of SiriusDecisions and Jon Miller of Engagio. There was also a panel that I spoke on with Sangram Vajre of Terminus, Christine Vermes of Full Circle, and Michael Korch of Qumulo. We chatted about everything from ROI, to ABM, to honing in on skill sets to look out for when hiring.

Here are some highlights from the event!