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This blog post is the first of five in a series about what goes on in the various departments at Social123. Our company is made up of innovators and leaders that all come together to create and promote an industry-leading product in the contact data space.  These blogs are meant to give you an inside look of what goes on behind the scenes of our powerhouse company! Enjoy!

Social Media Managers in today’s society get a bad rep because the assumption is that we don’t do anything. How hard can it be to post something or tweet something? However, in reality, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There’s a strategy behind what gets posted and when it gets posted. If you post the wrong thing at the wrong time, you risk losing followers and that’s bad news bears.

As Content and Social Media Manager at Social123, I’m surrounded by an awesome team who provide great ideas and inspiration. It’s a very collaborative environment and that’s something I love about this company. I get the creative freedom to help design content for our social platforms while also helping to design landing pages, emails, etc.

Last week was pretty quiet, though. My team was in Las Vegas, NV, for the Oracle Modern Marketing Experience Event and I held down the Marketing fort here in Georgia. While they were gone, I stood my ground while being outnumbered by our sales team (#MarketingAndSalesAlignment), I cleared out my inbox of unread newsletters, I wrote 2 press releases, I submitted booth graphics for a few upcoming events we’ll be exhibiting at, I designed other event booth graphics, I was on multiple conference calls for event sponsors, and I wrote this blog. For a social media manager, I’d say I did a lot!

So what exactly makes a content and social media manager happy?

• Well, for one, engagement. Our presence at #MME16 has helped a lot with Twitter and Instagram engagement. We’ve posted a lot of things with the #MME16 hashtag and that has contributed to many retweets, likes, and follows on Twitter and likes and follows on Instagram. It’s always rewarding to see people engaging with your content.

• Freedom. It’s so awesome when you get the freedom to create whatever you want in Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign. And it’s even cooler when the finished product is appreciated by everyone. I would say I have a creative mind so being able to play around in Photoshop and create something really cool for a campaign or a holiday is pretty cool.

• #Hashtags. Nothing makes me happier than finding an awesome hashtag and using it when posting content. The last few months the marketing team has had epic brainstorm sessions, which resulted in our hashtag for the year. Come check out our booth at events if you want to see our #NiceDaaS! Yes, we went there. [For more information about DaaS, see our previous blog here]

• Accessibility. Talk to any social media manager and I can assure you that they use some sort of scheduler to publish their posts (and if they don’t, well kudos to them for not losing their mind!). The ease of being able to go to one website or app and publish something to all 4+ of your social media channels at the same time is a breath of fresh air. Not only that, social media platforms have made accessibility to multiple accounts a walk in the park. On Facebook, you can access a company page that you’ve been given administrative access to. On LinkedIn, you can also access your company page from your own profile. Twitter lets you log into multiple accounts and you can easily switch back and forth between them all. AND Instagram! Social media managers everywhere rejoiced when Instagram FINALLY allowed you to switch back and forth between multiple accounts. The constant logging in and out of your personal account so you could post to your company account was excruciating and tedious so whoever finally made the executive decision to allow account switching is an angel in my eyes.

There they are! Four things that make content and social media managers happy! And I guess if we’re talking about me personally, snacks make me happy too, because who doesn’t snack during the day? That being said, give your content and social media managers a little love today. There’s a lot more to their title than meets the eye and they definitely do a lot more than you think!