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data cleansing

Interactive Quick Guide to Data Cleansing

As you wrap up this year and begin to take stock of our successes and failures, I would be willing to bet that one area that shows need for significant improvement is your data health.

Don’t look down–you’ll lose your contacts.

Contact data expires at a rate of 32% per year. That’s 32% of your database that’s inaccurate if you haven’t cleansed your data this year.

It’s difficult to make the most of your database if you don’t even know how much of your database is out of date. Getting a solid understanding of the health of your database is the crucial first step towards cleansing your data and reaping the benefits of complete, accurate contact data.

Synthio offers a complimentary Data Health Analysis (DHA), which runs your data set against our database of 140M+ B2B contact records to determine the health of your data and strategize what can be done to cleanse it.

Check out our interactive quick guide below to learn more about what data cleansing is, how it can amplify your marketing efforts, and what you have to gain from doing a free Data Health Analysis.

Experience the interactive Data Cleansing Quick Guide here:

data cleansing