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Is Your Contact Data Tricking You or Treating You?

If you are easily spooked by ghosts and goblins, then your contact data quality could be a much more frightening reality. From a marketer’s perspective, a company’s contact data is perhaps one of the most important tools in a marketing strategy. Marketers spend literally millions of dollars each year on their marketing plans: overhead is a given, then there’s advertising dollars, web design, graphic design (if it’s being outsourced), event costs, sponsorship costs, promotional items, public relations, hundreds of pounds of printed collateral and the list goes on. With all of this money going toward marketing the company’s product and creating brand awareness, it is important to stop and think about the channels in which you are sending your messaging. Social media is a giant in and of itself with dozens of usable platforms that all have slightly differently functionalities and each attract slightly different crowds. Advertising is also huge; marketers spend weeks creating the right messaging and design and send it off to a publication that they can only hope provided accurate circulation information, then they cross their fingers that the response is huge.

Social media and advertising are great means to get your messaging to a semi-targeted audience, but all marketers know that email marketing is one of the most widely used forms of marketing, with 91% of marketers using it as a part of their yearly strategy. If so many marketers are using email marketing then why aren’t they literally dumping their marketing budgets into it? Even with direct mail campaigns, they just aren’t possible without quality contact data.

The contact data in a company’s database might be the most valuable tool a marketer can have at their disposal…and it should be the sweetest TREAT a marketer could ever have. Our workforce is as transient as ever with the average title only held for just under two years, therefore it is probable that a company’s contact data is deteriorating at a rate much faster than anyone wants to admit. We know that the average title is held for about 2 years. The takeaway here is that there are a lot of people working (more than in the last 5 years), there are a lot of people moving jobs/positions, and the result is that most company’s contact databases are going bad fast. Now, if that doesn’t scare you then…okay fine, I’ll share a very sweet treat: SOCIAL DATA. Spend your marketing budget on contact data that’s truly accurate. Since social sourced contact data is self-reported it is the most accurate available. To add, there is no incentive to being deceptive on these sites, they are a virtual resume, so lying about location or qualifications is unlikely. When someone gets a new job, oftentimes they change their Linkedin profile to reflect the change before they even tell their friends. If a marketer is trying to reach professionals, this is really the best and only way to get up-to-date data. Not to mention there really are quite a few professional social networks around the globe.

Please do yourself and your company a favor and don’t purchase crowd sourced contact data or call center verified contact data; these sources of data verify contact information but they do it line by line/contact by contact, meaning that it takes months to verify an entire list, and by that time, it’s too late and the top of the list is already outdated. So much for quality contact data.

Don’t let other contact data sources TRICK you…let social data TREAT you to higher open rates, warmer calls, quality conversations and higher conversions!