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Keep your Contact Data Current and Actionable in One Easy Step

According to Demand Generation Reports’ 2018 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition
, 83 percent of respondents reported that old and outdated data was their biggest
challenge. Furthermore, 71 percent said that they don’t have time or resources to implement an
effective contact data management process. Given that your customer contact data can decay
at a rate of 30 to 70 percent a year, it’s easy to see how keeping your data fresh can seem to be
an insurmountable task. You need accurate data to produce successful and efficient marketing
campaigns. Without the right data, your bottom line will suffer.

In the past, you might try to refresh your data by simply buying new lists. List providers often
boast of their accuracy, so you would think a new list would have all the accurate data, right?
Think again. First, the purchased list may not contain your ideal customer targets. So right
there, it’s a waste of money. Many times, lists are obsolete when you get them, since the data
degrades and depreciates so rapidly. Finally, purchased lists often contain unscrubbed spam
traps. That’s a marketer’s nightmare. So, what can you do?

There’s no need to scrap your data and buy new lists. You can continuously refresh your
marketing contact data using a managed service. With a data management platform, you know
your data is always current and accurate. Missing fields are automatically filled in to improve
segmentation and deliverability. Your baseline data is always refreshed in real time. And best of
all, you follow the individual to their new job and identify their replacement! This way, you don’t
lose that relationship you’ve been developing when they switch jobs, and you know you’re
always in touch with the right person.

There are many benefits to using a contact data management platform. The top three are:

● Increasing your ROI by reducing customer acquisition costs
● Market segmentation becomes easier, allowing you to scale campaigns
● Your data becomes a valuable asset instead of a burden

The cost of bad data is immeasurable. From poorly segmented, undelivered marketing
campaigns, to customer service issues, to mis-addressed billing, there are many ways that bad
customer data can affect your company. There’s no need to watch this money go out the door.
Make sure you continuously assess the data in your MAP or CRM to ensure you have the most
current—and actionable—information.

Having a contact data management platform is a must to ensure the success of your business.

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