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Our Pick for the Top 4 Sessions to Attend at SiriusDecisions Summit 2015:

Our Pick for the Top 4 Sessions to Attend at SiriusDecisions Summit 2015:

SiriusDecisions Summit 2015 is just around the corner and marketing technology and customer experience is bound to be a hot topic. So which sessions are you attending this year? If you’re headed to Nashville and looking to jump into marketing technology and customer experience here are four sessions you might want to check out.

{In between these sessions, be sure to check out Social123’s Booth (229)! You can meet our team, get a look at the best b2b contact data search engine on the market, and see how social sourced data can revolutionize your marketing.}

Marketing Planning: Transforming Panic Into Power (Moore)

It’s a familiar experience – the marketing plan is due in a couple weeks, and the organization settles into its annual panic attack. In scramble mode, marketing leaders hope this year’s investment is at least at parity with peer companies, and update last year’s plan using assumptions based on insufficient data. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Why we’re attending:

  • Marketers are all familiar with this feeling, but at social123, we want to take strategic approach to our marketing to see the impact on business performance and have a better idea of the outcome of our campaigns. After all, our motto is smarter data for better marketing.

 Marketing Enablement: The Heart of Skills Development (Trask, Jensen)

As b-to-b marketing is transformed by technology, analytics, alignment with sales and product, and the empowered buyer and customer, the era of informal marketing skills development is over. Critical to success is the emerging role of marketing enablement, which helps marketers assess, develop and continually evolve their competencies. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Why we’re attending:

Social123 knows that is critical for marketing teams to continually evolve our skills. We want to attend this sessions for an inside look at the SiriusDecisions Marketing Competency Framework, a best-in-class approach to identifying marketing skill requirements and enable a high-performing marketing team in the B2B space.

 Customer Experience: Its Impact on Intelligent Growth (Senatore)

SiriusDecisions Description: A b-to-b organization can build a fantastic customer experience program that is fully integrated between marketing and sales, but what happens when the growth priorities of the business change? How must such a program be altered for customers in new markets, for new buyers, around new offerings or even when an acquisition takes place? This presentation will provide the following benefits:)

Why we’re attending:

  • Social123 values our customer experience and see the potential for growth into new industries. We want to assess our customer’s experience and adapt to new buyers, to enhance our growth strategy.

Lead Nurturing Thinking Outside the (In)Box: (Cross, Montesdeoca)

The days of email-only nurture programs are numbered.. Disparate regulatory environments, pervasive multi-device use and diminishing response rates are forcing b-to-b organizations to rethink the treatment plans for their nurture programs, and the channels through which those programs are executed. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Why we’re attending.

  • Lead nurturing is something every marketer should be focused on. We want to engage our prospects by balancing our ability to execute our lead nurture programs in a way that matches the buyer’s preferences and expectations for effective campaigns with measurable results.

 SiriusDecisions Summit 2015 is only one week away! Kick off your week in Nashville with Social123 and connect with us at one of the above sessions, or schedule an appointment to meet for coffee or a cocktail and discuss how B2B contact data can drive your demand generation and enhance your marketing results.