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Peace, Love & #FlipMyFunnel Austin

Peace, Love & #FlipMyFunnel Austin

This past Tuesday was the #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow in Austin, TX.  Emily and I had a wonderful time chatting with fellow marketers in the festival-esque setting at the JW Marriott.  There were food trucks and picnic tables and twinkle lights and each sponsoring company had a lounge area.  It was a very laid back vibe, but of course that’s what you get when your event slogan is “Peace, Love & Funnels”!

While the event was only one day, we definitely met a lot of new people and caught up with other people who we had met previously at various shows.  Emily even spoke on a panel about Woman in Technology and that drove a lot of booth traffic our way.

Check out some of our highlight pics below!