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Revitalize your ABM Program with CDM

Account Based Marketing (ABM), delivering hyper-personalized marketing messages to a highly selective group of prospects in target accounts, is really nothing new. However, the demand for current, accurate, and complete prospect data has never been greater. Segmentation requires more precision as marketing messages are finely tuned across a wide spectrum of job roles, titles, and functions. In order to do this effectively, companies need near real time access to a highly reliable prospect database.

Enter CDM

Maintaining a near pristine prospect database is no easy feat. Given that industry studies report that data quality vanishes at a rate of more than 30% per year, keeping up with the leakage can be daunting. And buying new lists is no bargain, as many of them are filled with stale data. Here’s where technology rides to the rescue.

Contact Data Maintenance (CDM) platforms are specifically designed to provide a “just-in-time” view of critical customer and prospect data. Through routines that regularly and frequently update its records, CDMs provide users with the ability to run campaigns on the fly with the confidence that their message will reach their intended target.

Laser or Floodlight

Contact data maintenance platforms also boast a deep collection of potential buyer attributes so marketers and salespeople can precisely focus on the prospect profile that is most likely to be receptive to their message. Need to reach the senior procurement officer for non-metallic fasteners at ABC Corporation in Any Town USA? Well developed CDMs will have that data. In addition, since the data is current, ABM campaigns can be modified quickly and easily.

No Heavy Lifting

Perhaps the most important characteristic of a CDM is a native integration with the company’s martech stack. Integrations with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) systems further enhance the agility of running ABM campaigns. Campaign managers can simply select the desired targets’ attributes directly from within those systems, eliminating the time consuming and error-prone process of uploading lists.

ABM is here to stay and the demands to create increasingly more complex targeting rules will continue to grow. Investing in a contact data maintenance platform will help ensure your marketing programs are successful.