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Should Old B2B Contacts be Forgot?


Auld Lang Syne is a popular song to ring in the New Year– a song about remembering those that were once important to us. Perhaps the most recognized lyric is “Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?”

For marketers, we experience this every day, not just on Dec 31st. The multitude of time, energy and effort that we spend cultivating the perfect audience seems so fleeting as our prospects move on to other roles, companies, locations, etc. A recent HubSpot survey found that B2B databases expire at a rate of about 25% per year. If you have a contact database of, lets say 400K; that’s 100K contact records that are outdated, and therefore, NO GOOD. That’s 100K potential bounces! Compound that problem with the fact that most business do not provide bounce information for old email addresses – meaning we don’t even know which B2B contacts in our own database have become old acquaintances.

To answer the question posed in the old song, NO, we should not let old acquaintance be forgot! Stay in touch with old B2B contacts, and figure out where they moved and what new role they took on. Furthermore, it is imperative to not only follow the old B2B contacts, but also bridge the gap between them and those who filled their shoes when they moved on.

My organization, Social123, recognizes this problem of forgetting old B2B contacts. Our Email Recovery tool identifies old B2B contacts and provides the most current employer and B2B contact data… including the new data associated with the position recently left behind. Don’t forget about the old acquaintances and get ready to meet many, many more!