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Synthio Joins Marketo® Accelerate Partner Ecosystem

Since 2011, Synthio has been dedicated to empowering B2B marketers with clean, current, compliant contact data. Maintaining a clean database shouldn’t have to be a laborious manual process or a to-do item that constantly gets pushed to the side in lieu of more pressing matters. Clean data should be a marketer’s most pressing matter.


We want to make it as effortless as possible for B2B marketers to cleanse and enrich their databases. That’s why our customer data platform (CDP) has long integrated with MAPs like Marketo. We are now pleased to announce that Synthio has joined the Marketo® Accelerate Partner program, making it even easier for Marketo customers to take advantage of Synthio’s database of 140M+ global B2B contacts.


“Since 2011, Synthio has sought to soothe the ever-evolving pain points of B2B marketers,” said Aaron Biddar, CEO, Synthio. “Joining the Marketo Accelerate partner ecosystem is the next step in a natural, strategic partnership as we join forces to empower marketers to harness the power of data to meet people where they are.”


Synthio’s platform integrates directly with the Marketo Engagement Platform, granting B2B marketers access to their comprehensive global contact database in order to seamlessly cleanse and enrich existing data, gain net-new targeted contacts and enhance their account-based marketing strategy.


Read the full press release here.