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contact data quality

I landed in a role that has forced me to think about data. It’s not sexy, but I can’t ignore it. And you shouldn’t be ignoring it either. Yes, most marketers would classify themselves as “data-driven”, but I’m talking about contact data. Contact data is on my mind every 👏🏽 single 👏🏽day 👏🏽. I’m obsessing over the state of our database, worried about how clean...

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database strategies

Here at Synthio, we may sound like a broken record when we talk about the importance of data quality… but luckily for you, it's a broken record that only grows more relevant with time. As we move towards a more people-first approach to marketing that bids adieu to the mass emails of yesteryear in favor of a more nuanced, personalized approach, the hygiene and accuracy of...

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data cleansing faqs

The data cleansing process involves detecting and/or removing corrupt or inaccurate records from a set of data. Through data cleansing, you can identify which contacts in your database are incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, or irrelevant. Got a question about data cleansing? You can probably find an answer in our B2B Data Cleansing FAQs below. 1. What happens during the data cleansing process? During the data cleansing process, we...

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5 Best Practices for Data Cleaning - Synthio Data Health Analysis for your data cleansing

What stands between your business goals and the people you need to reach in order to grow? Today, nearly 67% of businesses rely on CRM data for growth of their bottom line. Yet, an astonishing 94% of B2B companies suspect inaccuracy in their database. How confident are YOU in the health and quality of the data in your database? Do you need to consider data cleaning? Think about...

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