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demand gen gdpr

Let’s take a trip down memory lane back to grade school to the days of the dreaded group projects.   If you were like me (and if you’re a marketer, you’re probably like me), group projects meant continuous stress and anxiety. First, there was my portion of the assignment, which I would stress about perfecting. But then there was the infinitely more stressful task of worrying about...

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contact data quality

I landed in a role that has forced me to think about data. It’s not sexy, but I can’t ignore it. And you shouldn’t be ignoring it either. Yes, most marketers would classify themselves as “data-driven”, but I’m talking about contact data. Contact data is on my mind every 👏🏽 single 👏🏽day 👏🏽. I’m obsessing over the state of our database, worried about how clean...

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data cleansing vs. data enriching

When it comes to data hygiene, there are a number of “buzzwords” that often get tossed around in the B2B data space that can be a bit ambiguous. Data Cleansing is pretty self-explanatory. But then you throw in Data Appending and Data Enriching and the definitions of (and delineations amongst) these terms start to get significantly murkier. So what's the difference between data cleansing vs....

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GDPR preparation

There is a flurry of activity surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as affected companies scramble to prepare for the regulations to be enforced. The GDPR is such a hot-button issue not just because it demands complex, large-scale changes to be made in preparation, but also because the punishments for non-compliance are so severe.   Much of the rhetoric surrounding the GDPR is heavily tinged with...

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