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The Viewtopia We Live In

Last week I packed my bags and headed to the west coast for Vidyard’s Viewtopia in San Francisco, California! I was originally supposed to be at Hubspot’s Inbound Conference in Boston, but after some discussion, my flight to SFO was booked and I was registered for Viewtopia! Needless to say, I was super excited because I LOVE VIDYARD and California!

This was my first time attending Viewtopia and for only being a 2-day conference, the amount of content and knowledge that was shared was incredible.  I definitely came back with some great ideas for our video marketing strategy!  Here are some of my takeaways:

1) We’re moving from the information age to the experience age

In Vidyard CMO, Tyler Lessard’s, opening session, he talked about how we’re overloaded with content and information and that our attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, which is a second shorter than a goldfish.  Due to this, there has been a shift from being in a content economy to an attention economy and it’s all about wondering how are we, as a company, going to stand out from all the other attention prospects are receiving.  It’s now about the customer experience and how we’re engaging them.  We need to be asking the question, “how do we get them to genuinely want to do business with us?” Tyler mentioned that people come up to him all the time telling him they love Vidyard, but they don’t use Vidyard and only “kind of know what they do.” So why do these people love Vidyard then?  It’s because they love the brand and the experience they have when interacting with Vidyard.

2) Stories humanize business problems

Forrester’s Laura Ramos had a session about how to be more relevant to our customers.  She said that, in a survey, 68% of people said they wanted vendors who “understand my business, my problems – and help me solve them.”  This leads back to customer experience because stories help engage people and stir up emotions. Video is the best way to portray those stories.  She gave an example of Intel and their “If Cables Were People” video series.  One of them is about an IT Negotiator consoling HDMI because he wasn’t put into the “right port” on an employee’s computer.  Laura talks about how this video is relatable because everyone has gone through a time where their cords didn’t work when they needed them to for a big presentation and Intel addresses that frustration (understanding the customer’s problem) and provides a solution with their wireless display technology. Their video showed a story that was relatable and, in turn, engaged customers during their experience.

3) Personalized video is the future

Throughout all the sessions at Viewtopia, mentions of personalization were dropped constantly.  It makes sense because who doesn’t like being the center of attention? We can all be honest with each other and agree that we get that warm fuzzy feeling inside when we see our name on a video thumbnail (or is that just me? Haha).  Michael Litt, CEO of Vidyard, said that personalized videos increase engagement 10-15% per video, on average!  Those are amazing stats! Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

4) Anyone can do video

One of the most important things I learned at Viewtopia is that anyone can do video.  You don’t have to have years and years of experience.  All you need is a camera (whether it’s on a phone or standalone), an idea, and passion.  Zach King is a Vine personality who started creating videos with his buddy for fun and turned into an online sensation.  Sangram Vajre, CMO of Terminus, also started using “scrappy, raw video” to promote the FlipMyFunnel movement and over time, that turned into targeted promotional videos, customer stories, and awesome recaps!  Vidyard’s sales team also uses video in their prospect/customer outreach.  It’s more engaging for their customers and each rep is able to personalize their video for each person. I got 2 personalized videos from Vidyardians after the show (one was even over Snapchat!). That being said, we shouldn’t be scared of video.  We just need an idea to run with!

On top of all of those takeaways, I also got to meet our Customer Success Manager, Brian, and hang out with some awesome video marketers! Vidyard also hosted the Video Marketing Awards and we were a finalist for the Small Business, Big Bang award!  It was such an honor being recognized for our big sales win that closed due to a video in our video library.  Now that I have these great tips on how to integrate video with our sales team, maybe we’ll snag the award next year with even more closed deals!

All in all, Viewtopia was enlightening, entertaining, and really showed just how much video has an impact on our lives and the “viewtopia” we live in (hahahaha). Can’t wait for Viewtopia 2017!

Did you also attend Viewtopia?  Tell us some of your favorite takeaways and what you’re currently doing with video marketing!