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Time to Celebrate!

Time to Celebrate!

As we all come back from the long weekend celebrating the 4th of July, I wanted to take the time to look back at all of my favorite social posts for past holidays.  As a Social Media Manager, I always get excited posting during the holidays because it lets me utilize my creative side to come up with a cute graphic to go along with a message from the company. Since the beginning of my time here at Social123, I’ve chosen to utilize our database icon in majority of our holiday posts.  From flowers to frogs to bunnies, the extent of the possibilities were endless.

Aside from the creativity, I think it’s also generally important to acknowledge all the holidays we celebrate! It’s important to have some fun and be quirky on those days of the year.  It’s a great human to human approach to utilize fun marketing tactics like that.  I think it helps a company connect with their audience more.

Below are a few of my favorite posts.  Let us know which ones are your favorite and feel free to suggest other ideas for future holidays!