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Top 10 Social Data Fields for Marketing Campaigns


Social123 has compiled a unique data set of 300 million professionals with 30 fields of data refreshed every 30 days – all from publicly available social profiles. We provide corporate information like phone number, location and email address to deliver the largest, most accurate and detailed global database available.

We help our customers create net new lists or append existing databases. These are the top 10 social data fields that will create game-changing results for your marketing campaigns

1. CASL Compliance:  

A social profile reveals if the individual resides in Canada – thus making them subject to the Canadian Anti-SPAM legislation enacted this summer. When planning a marketing campaign, it is imperative to identify these folks residing in Canada and suppress against them.


2. Company Size: 

Whether you are selling to small, mid-sized or enterprise level customers, appending the employee size range to your contacts will ensure you are targeting the appropriate contact. Your marketing campaign will have a better return if you use data fields like company size to segment your marketing list. Bigger companies should receive different messaging than smaller companies.


3. Industry: 

Social123 appends company firmagraphic data to a social record, such as industry, to segment lists by applicable vertical. This also will help create better marketing campaign results because you can use the industry to segment and create more targeted messaging to relevant industries.


4. Twitter Followers: 

By extracting the followers of a twitter handle, whether it is your own or someone else’s, you receive a targeted lead list of people from the most unique of sources; complete with email address and phone number.


5. Groups: 

The most sought after request we receive is for a members of a social group. We help our customers build targeted lists made of competitive or complementary social groups. For example, we run marketing campaigns before big events and use the user group field to identify who will be attending, then we can reach out to them with content that matters to them since we know they will be in attendance.


6. Competitive Intel: 

Social subscribers like to promote their competency and skills – these fields are often your competition.


7. Certifications: 

Before sending out the marketing campaign, segment your marketing list by a particular certification – found on a social profile – ensures you are marketing to those who are certified in a particular field.


8. Field Marketing:  

Appending the contact location found on a social profile turns a marketing data base into a field marketing database.  This is far superior to simply assigning the corporate headquarters location to all of the employees. Before you launch your marketing campaign, be careful not to assume that the company HQ is where the contact is located because it is NOT the case a lot of the time.


9. Accurate Title: 

Perhaps the most important field for segmentation, the title field is rarely required for on-line form fills. Appending a current and accurate title from a social profile breathes new life into old lists.


10. Current Employer: 

A recent survey found that B2B databases expire at a rate of 25% per year, impacting marketers with old contact records. Social data appended to a contact records provides the most recent employer.