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sales and marketing alignment

The Official Playbook for Sales & Marketing Alignment — eBook

The leaves are beginning to change, UGG boots are making their seasonal debut, and Instagram photos of Pumpkin Spice Lattes are eliciting groans around the world. That can only mean one thing: Fall is here. And with Fall, comes the glorious wonder that is football season.


You may be asking, “What does football have to do with sales and marketing alignment?” Well, at first glance, nothing. But dig a little bit deeper and you’ll find that football actually has a lot to teach us about aligning disparate forces and skillsets to further your goals.


When you get right down to it, sales and marketing have the same end goal; while they might have vastly different processes and workflows, they’re ultimately pushing for the same thing: driving revenue.


So then why is it so common for sales and marketing to be woefully misaligned? Sales and marketing must find a way to work more closely and leverage each other’s strengths, or both departments will suffer.


The Game of Sales & Marketing Alignment


It’s just like a football team. The play begins and the QB drops back to look for where he can put the ball. The offensive linemen fight off the defensive players who are trying to rush towards the QB to sack him. Thanks to the offensive linemen’s protection, the QB has more time to either pass the ball downfield to a receiver or pitch the ball to a running back.


What the offensive linemen do is completely different from what the QB, running back, and wide receivers do. And yet, they are working towards the same goal—a touchdown—and they can’t get there without each other.


With no offensive line, the QB gets sacked. With no QB, the ball doesn’t go anywhere. To win the game, the entire offense must work together and synchronize their strengths to get into the end zone.


Likewise, sales can’t reach its full potential for success without coordinating with marketing, and marketing can’t drive revenue if they don’t have sales to turn leads into customers.


Now Presenting: Your Official Playbook for Sales & Marketing Alignment


Because sales and marketing alignment is so crucial to your organization’s success, we’ve created “The Official Playbook for Sales & Marketing Alignment”, a comprehensive eBook that is guaranteed to be your cheat sheet to winning with sales and marketing alignment. Ready to score a huge win for your company? Download the eBook today and start winning together with sales and marketing.

sales and marketing alignment