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What’s Your Technology?

What’s Your Technology?

I wanna s-s-s-search for software on your domain

And I wanna know that these were cross referenced with a job board or career page

Then I wanna ah ah see how that software complements me

‘Cause I gotta kno kno kno know wha what’s your technology?

(Sung to What’s Your Fantasy? By Ludacris)

Please excuse my poor rapping skills.  But all joking aside, having intel on what types of technologies and software are being used by competitors or prospects is a problem that most modern marketers face.

What’s so important about knowing who’s using certain types of technology? Here’s a use case: say you have a technology that only works with prospects that use salesforce, or a product that only integrates with Marketo and Eloqua. Naturally then, your goal would be to identify the right people at companies that have those technologies installed then run a campaign explaining why your product is the best fit for them.

Here’s another use case: say you have a couple of major competitors in your space…wouldn’t it be cool to know who is using the competition? If you knew who was using your competition, then you could make it your mission to market to them in an effort to get them to migrate away from the competition and over to your product instead. Do your research, create an awesome campaign explaining why your product is better, and then your sales team gets to close deals.  Win win win!

Disclaimer: you are only allowed to steal my ideas if you choose Social123 as your provider of install technology data.

Basically, you are able to see who is using software the complements yours, as well as who is currently purchasing from your competitors.  Most companies that offer this kind of intelligence source it from HTML tags on a company’s website, which is great, BUT, at Social123 we add an additional layer of accuracy, by researching career pages and job boards too.

As you can see, installed software intelligence is an advantage that will put you a step ahead of the competition.  PS – Social123 has intel on over 260,000 global companies and approximately 50 million individual B2B contacts…just sayin’.

Anyways, this blog is not meant to be a sales pitch (because no one likes reading those, myself included).  But consider it to be an informative piece on how you can excel at your next marketing campaign! And besides, who doesn’t want to excel? 😉