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Why Data Driven Marketing is King

Data Driven Marketing:

Once considered a mysterious black art to those who weren’t in the trade, marketing is now a quantifiable, data-based function vital to the company pipeline. Marketers are able to collect more data on how they are performing and who they are interacting with than ever before.

Why is data driven marketing important? If marketers have access to up to date and enriched contact records, contact data can drive marketing decisions, because the more you know about each contact, the more effectively you can market to them. In the world of marketing, and particularly B2B marketing, the correct use of data can be transformative.

Developing the Customer Relationship:
Using accurate contact data is key to learning more about your audience so that you can properly engage with them. Marketers can now collect data that helps them understand more about their prospects. With insight into what marketing tactics are working, marketers can focus on whom to target and develop the best strategies to connect with potential buyers.

Applying the Analytics:

One of the main objectives when collecting and analyzing data is to develop a buyer persona and create a single customer view. Once marketers have a clear picture of who they are marketing to, they can develop the best possible strategy for interacting and engaging with them. Accurate contact data is key in data driven marketing as it provides the insights that marketers need to develop strategies based on prospects’ skills and interests.

 Boosting ROI:

Having access to the right data can boost ROI and amplify marketing efforts. Data allows marketers to measure success in terms of the response of real people through individual campaigns over time. Additionally, accurate contact data gives marketers the tools and insights they need to hyper-segment marketing campaigns and better target their audience for higher conversion rates. Marketers are able to deliver more qualified leads and generate more revenue because they are able to connect with key decisions makers based on contact data analytics.

Using the Right Data:
It’s no surprise to Marketers that contact data expires at a rate of 25% a year. Most of us are used to high bounce rates on email campaigns because of inaccurate/outdated records- but this doesn’t have to be the norm. Using accurate contact data enriched with in-depth information is of vital importance to learn the most about your potential buyers.

In a survey by GlobalDMA and the Winterberry Group, 77% of marketers are confident in using data-driven marketing to drive growth and better customer experiences. Understanding your data is key to the future success of your business. Accurate contact data helps amplify your marketing efforts by giving marketers the tools they needs to develop smarter, more effective campaigns.