Data Cleansing FAQs

Data Cleansing FAQs

Data cleansing is the process of detecting and/or removing corrupt or inaccurate records from a set of data. Through data cleansing, you can identify which contacts in your database are incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, or irrelevant. Got a question about data cleansing or Data as a Service platforms? You can probably find an answer in our Data Cleansing FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates Synthio from other data cleansing providers?

There are a few key differentiators that set Synthio apart from other data providers.


  • Global Data: Many of our current customers struggled to find a data provider that could cleanse, enrich, and manage their global B2B contacts. Synthio’s 100M+ contacts outside the U.S.


  • Contact Recovery: We can recover old, outdated contacts and keep you in touch with leads that have moved roles, companies, and even countries. We follow the contact, and not the company, so we can always help you meet people where they are.


  • Triple-Verified Data: Our data is web-verified, email-verified, and human-verified, so you can rest easy knowing your data it always accurate and up to date.


  • Email Validation: No email for a contact? No problem. Unlike other data vendors, we can cleanse and enrich a contact record even if you don’t have an email address for the contact.
What happens during the data cleansing process?

During the actual process of data cleansing, we run your dataset against our 140M+ records and flag the entries in your data that are incorrect or inaccurate. Typographical errors are removed or validated and corrected via cross-checking with our triple-validated data.

How long does data cleansing take?

We can cleanse a list of up to one million contacts with over 50 fields of data in under 24 hours.

Do you identify duplicate contacts?

Yes. We can identify duplicate contacts in your database so you can purge them and remove redundancies from your data.

How much does it cost to cleanse my data?

The cost for data cleansing varies based on your dataset; that’s why we recommend our complementary data health analysis, as we can better estimate the cost of data cleansing once we know the health of your database. In general, though, we have a $12,000 minimum for 15,000 contact records.

If I cleanse/append the same contact more than once, do I get charged each time?

You are only charged once per contact. You can update and refresh contacts for free for the life of your contract.

What’s a Data Health Analysis (DHA)?

Synthio’s data health analysis (DHA) looks at every piece of data in a dataset and matches what it finds with the triple-verified data in our database of over 140+ million global B2B contacts. A DHA then identifies the errors, inconsistencies, holes, and opportunities for improvement in your data. In short, the analysis lets you know exactly how much of your data is bad, how to correct it, and how Synthio can enhance it.

What does a Data Health Analysis entail?

You give us a contact list and we run it against the triple-verified data and then provide you with a high-level overview of the health of your database. There are four parts to a Data Health Analysis:


  • Email Risk: Identifies which contacts in your database are safe to email. The email risk portion of the DHA will identify personal emails, High/Medium/Low Risk email addresses, and email addresses you shouldn’t email at all


  • Contact Recovery: The Contact Recovery portion of the DHA identifies the number of outdated contacts in your database, as well as the number of contacts we can enhance with additional data, and the overall percentage of contacts in your database that we could recover


  • Net-New Contacts: The net-new portion of the DHA analyzes the data you provided and then identifies the number of net-new contacts (both domestically and internationally) that we could provide you tailored to your ideal buyer personas


  • Contact Intelligence: The Contact Intelligence portion of the DHA gives you a complete look at how Synthio can improve your dataset. This portion identifies the number of contacts we can append to give you additional and/or updated data points
Is a Data Health Analysis free?

Yes. The Data Health Analysis is complementary.

How many contacts do you need in order to run a DHA?

For a Data Health Analysis, we recommend submitting a contact list with at least 10,000 contacts. Running a DHA on a data list with less than 10,000 contacts may lead to skewed results. The more contacts you can provide, the easier it will be for us to give you a more complete analysis of your database’s health.

What are the different use-case scenarios that people use for the Data Health Analysis?

A Data Health Analysis can help fill in missing titles, replace personal email addresses with professional B2B email addresses, recover contacts, fill in missing firmographic data, and identify duplicates.

Can you help me fill in certain data points that I am missing?

Yes. Through data enrichment, we can run your contact data against our database and fill in the whitespace to add in up to 50 additional data points. You don’t even have to have a contact’s email address; we can still fill in those data points without an email.

I have a bunch of personal email addresses in my database. Can you find professional email addresses for those contact records?

Yes. We can cleanse & enrich your data to purge those personal and freemail email addresses and replace them with professional email addresses at the contacts’ latest company.

What headers do I need on my contact data lists to cleanse my data?

For a Data Health Analysis, please be sure your data list has, at minimum, the following headers:

First Name

Last Name




We have old leads in our system that we haven’t done anything with. Can you help me update them?

Yes. Data cleansing & appending is a great way to recover and refresh old contacts to stay in touch with those older leads who you may not have interacted with in a while.

How does dirty data occur?

Dirty data can occur for a number of reasons, including user entry errors, corruption in the transmission or storage of data, different data dictionary definitions of similar entities in different stores, or inaccurate data as a result of job transience.

Do you support an ABM strategy?

Absolutely. One of the search tabs within our platform is exclusively for ABM.

What’s the difference between data cleansing and data appending?

Data cleansing is the process of identifying if your contact data is still correct/valid, while contact appending (also known as “contact enriching”) is the process of adding additional information to your existing contacts for more complete data.

Is data appending the same thing as data enriching?

Yes. Both are terms used to describe the process of updating existing contacts with accurate information and filling in the whitespace by adding 50+ fields of data.

How do I get appended data back into my MAP or CRM tool?

Synthio’s contact data platform integrates directly with marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot. We also have a Salesforce plugin for additional convenience.

Do you retain unique IDs when appending a file?

If you have unique columns of data in your datasets, don’t worry. We only need the first name, last name, and company fields to cleanse or append a list. Additional unique fields and IDs are preserved in the cleansing and appending process.

How many fields of data can you add to my contact?

We can add up to 50 fields of data to your contacts.

What fields of data can you add to my contact?

With a minimal amount of information, we can provide fields like contact name, company, title, professional email, company location, contact location, company size, contact employment history, and more.

If you don’t have an email address for a contact, can Synthio still cleanse/enrich that contact record?

Yes. You don’t have to have the contact’s email to cleanse or append the contact. We can fill in their email for you.

Do you have global data?

Yes. With 100M+ contacts outside the U.S., Synthio is a great fit for organizations who conduct business both inside and outside of North America.

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