Data Health Analysis

Data Health Analysis

Today's modern marketer simply MUST be data-driven. This means marketers need to capture a LOT of data... and master the science of data analysis. But effectively leveraging data for better marketing is totally different from just having the data. In order to make data actionable, you have to make sense of it. This means you have to run an analysis of your database. To really effectively analyze a database though, you may have to actually manipulate the data. This is where most marketers either stick their heads in the sand, or try and fail. Analyzing and manipulating data just aren't typical strengths of the average marketer. Let Synthio analyze, clean, and enhance your data, starting with our free DHA.

data health analysis


Learn more about the data inside your CRM/MAP and how you can fill whitespace, identify out-of-date contacts, and build a buyer persona.


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Our Data Health Analysis tool looks at every piece of data in a database and matches what it finds with what we have in our real-time database of millions of contacts. It then identifies errors, inconsistencies, holes, and opportunities for improvement. In short, the analysis lets you know just how much of your data is bad, how to correct it, and how to enhance it.