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Why Email Marketing is Timeless

Why Email Marketing is Timeless

Nowadays, with so many marketing channels available in the palm of our hands, the possibilities of marketing a company are endless. However, the number of channels being utilized for marketing purposes doesn’t matter unless you are seeing results. So, what is one guaranteed way to see results? Email marketing. There are many different aspects of email marketing that can be evaluated to show why and how it is successful. Here are three ways in which email marketing proves to be a top channel for conversions.


Email Marketing and Mobile

As previously mentioned, we live in a world where people are constantly on their mobile devices. Having such a compact tool that can fit in your pocket, yet still contain so much information is powerful. When smartphones introduced email compatibility, the email marketing game changed forever!

Recent studies from Campaign Monitor, show that approximately 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. An even more intriguing fact about that statistic is that roughly 90% of all email opens on mobile devices occur on an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, iTouch). With mobile devices being so readily available, it is not shocking that about 80% of people ages 18-44 (AdWeek) of people check their phone first thing in the morning, sometimes before even leaving the bed.

With the rise in mobile device usage, it is not shocking that email marketing has remained such a powerful tool, as opposed to trends that die out after a while. Next time you are examining your click-through rates from an email marketing campaign, know that about 1 out of every 3 clicks came through a mobile device (Campaign Monitor).


Personalization and Engagement

The advancements in automation technology has held email marketing to a standard where certain expectations must be met. The most basic being personalization. According to a study by eConsultancy, 74% of marketers agree that targeted personalization increases engagement. In fact, Aberdeen found that the click-through rate on personalized emails is about 14% higher than that of a non-personalized message. At the end of the day, that 14% could be the difference between a prospect converting or being reported as spam.

The concept of personalization is only at the fore-front of aspects of a message that can increase engagement. There are other fundamental tactics that can dramatically affect engagement rates of an email. For instance, switching a boring, plain text link for a call-to-action button can increase conversions up to 28% (Campaign Monitor).

Generally speaking, email marketing is one of the most engaging activities that can be done by a company. Some try to argue that we live in the age of social and that email is outdated, but statistics say otherwise. Radicati found that an email is 5x more likely to be engaged with than a Facebook message. By no means am I saying that you should abandon social marketing efforts. Rather, your social and email marketing efforts should complement one another to optimize your message on all channels.


Email’s Impact on Revenue

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal with email marketing (as with any marketing channel) is to drive conversions, do business, and make money. According to DMA, the ROI for email marketing is about 3800%. So for every $1 spent on email marketing, about $38 in revenue is brought into the company. Thus, it is important not to overlook email marketing as an expense to cheap out on.



In today’s society, with technology surrounding us and the world (literally) being at our fingertips, email marketing is more popular than ever. With such easy accessibility, it is no wonder that email is one of the highest performing marketing channels. By investing wisely in a marketing automation platform (MAP) or other engagement platforms, taking simple things like personalization into consideration, and good messaging, you should be able to see highly desirable results utilizing email marketing.

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