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Synthio is the first of its kind Data as a Service software that automates the cleansing, standardization, and synthesis of contact data to make it actionable for immediate use. From merging non-standard or free-form data into a single usable dataset, to de-duplication, standardization, strategic augmentation, or simply understanding more about your own data through a data health analysis, Synthio meets every contact data need of the modern marketer.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Synthio Collect Data?

Synthio collects business intelligence from multiple publicly-available sources. We index professional data the same way Google indexes the web for searches. The result is the most accurate and detailed data warehouse with millions of professionals worldwide.

How Does Synthio Validate Email Addresses?

Synthio offers real-time email validation in the form of SMTP negotiation. This is a process where our email servers contact the recipient’s email server to see if the recipient has a valid email address on that server. We only return an email address if it has been validated in this manner. A small percentage of the time, the email server will not specify if the email address is valid or invalid because it will accept any naming convention before the domain. We specify these email addresses/servers as “accept all” and note that specification in the results.

Are the Email Addresses Professional or Personal?

The email addresses we provide with the base package are professional. We offer the ability to append personal data fields, such as personal emails, for an additional cost using SynthConnect.

What Text Encoding is in the Synthio Files?

Our text encoding is UTF-8 BOM.

We use this encoding so that our output works with Excel and SQL. Using the BOM is more formal and standard and more widely compatible.

If a customer is having issues with this encoding, there are numerous options out there that allow them to alter the encoding or simply strip the BOM on their side. We recommend EMEditor for Windows environments and CSVKit for Python for Linux and Mac environments.

Why Do I See Duplicate Records?

We have millions of records, and we do the best we can to match and de-duplicate them. We have matching “rules,” and when a match is below a certain confidence level we just create a new record. As we integrate more data sources, this duplicate record count will rise and fall as our de-duplication logic improves with time.

Where Does the Company ID Come From?

It is a unique identifier attached to each company record in our database.

Why Would I See More Companies than Company IDs?

Each company in the company record database files has an ID. We are “contact-centric.” If a contact self-reports a company that we do not have a matching company for (i.e. self-employed) – they will have a “company” but no corresponding “company ID.”

So, if the counts are done in the platform, which is contact-driven, there will be more companies than company IDs.

Why Does the API Output Have Different Column Names than the Platform Output?

The API is JSON, and the schema is very different because of that. With APIs, once you release a method with certain field names it’s bad practice to change them.

In What Format is The Data Provided?

.CSV, .XLSX, and JSON (we do provide open APIs as well)

How Accurate is the Data?

Synthio offers the most accurate professional data available. Our data is refreshed constantly in real-time with the most definitive information coming directly from the individuals themselves. The email addresses are validated at the point of purchase thus ensuring their accuracy.

Do You Do ANDs or ORs in the Search Fields?

We do ORs within the fields and ANDs across fields.

For example, if you search for three different titles, those will be ORs. If you also add 3 different industries, those will be ORs. However, each record returned must have one of those titles AND one of those industries.

How Often Should I Have Synthio Update my Data?

HubSpot states that contact data goes bad at a rate of 22.5% every 12 months. Synthio recommends you update your data at least quarterly to maintain an accurate database.

What Does the Company Match Field Mean?

This field is only for appended lists. It denotes that the company that is uploaded for appending purposes is the same as the current company from their self-reported profile. True is a match / False is not a match, and the current data is appended to the contact record.

Why Aren't All of the Fields Populated?

Either the contact could have chosen to make those fields private, or that data is unknown to us.

Why Aren't More Contacts Appended with Validated Email Addresses?

Synthio only appends email addresses that have been validated as accurate. Typically that returns 25% of the contact records. For more appended email addresses, contact for our premium solution.


What is Your Data Security Policy if I Upload my Contact Database?

We are committed to protecting the information we receive from you. We offer a password-protected, web-based user interface where our customers can upload their information into our system for appending purposes. We deploy Hypertext Transfer Protocol over a Secure Socket Layer to transfer encrypted data over the Web. The customer has the ability to permanently delete and destroy their information inside of our system at any time.

General Product Functionality

Do the Same Boolean Logic Rules Apply to API Searches as they do with Portal Searches?

In other words, if I specify multiple criteria, are they OR’d or AND’d if they are included all in the same search query? The answer is yes, the API search uses the same query construct as the web UI.

Is There Any Way for me to Send Search Criteria with Some Logic Attached?

For example, return all records where the title contains “analyst” and the summary contains either “Big Data” or “Analytics.” (This is helpful so I do not have to send two requests). The answer is no, all the AND/OR logic is fixed at this time.

What Does the Append Emails Button Do?

This button will find validated corporate emails for the contact records in your query or append.

My List isn't Finished. What Do I Do?

If the list was generated more than 24 hours ago, please contact, if it is less than 24 hours then please hold tight.

How Do I Segment My Data by Employee Size, Revenue, SIC Code, etc?

Please contact for access to our premium segmentation packages.

I Have a List of Companies and Titles. Can I Just Upload My File for a Search?

Yes, this approach is considered a bulk query or a multiple-to-multiple search.

What if I Can't Use all of the Contacts that I Downloaded?

Please take care to run searches using the many filters we provide for targeted list building so that you ensure that the contacts you download are the contacts you want. Synthio bases your usage on total number of contacts downloaded.

Do You Integrate with CRMs and MAPs?

We are currently integrated with Eloqua, Marketo, and HubSpot Marketing Automation Platforms. We also have a Salesforce plug-in called SynthForce. Please contact to learn how to get started.

Does Synthio Send the Emails for Me?

No, Synthio does not offer email deployment services.

Why Do I Need to Name a List?

The system requires all lists be named to ensure accurate and efficient retrieval of your files.

Are the Lists I Process Through Synthio Stored?

Synthio will save your file in your secured and encrypted personal folder for up to 30 days or upon deletion by the customer. We also offer the ability to save searches so you can re-process the same list.


How Does Synthio Compare to Other Data Providers?

Synthio is unique in that we offer professional data sourced from the individuals themselves, the most reliable source available. This allows us to provide 50+ fields of data for millions of professionals worldwide. Our origination tool allow our customers to create targeted lists by querying these 50+ fields. We are also unique in that we validate every email address we provide at the point of purchase.

Does Synthio Work with Universities?

Yes, Synthio works with both for profit and nonprofit educational organizations. Synthio does offer special discounts for 501(c)3 organizations.

How Can Synthio Help a Sales Department?

We help sales departments by providing sellers with the most accurate and detailed information about their targets. This ensures optimal productivity in that every sales call is to the right person, at the right company, in the right role. We also provide sellers with the physical location of their buyers instead of associating them with corporate headquarters. This provides intelligence for events and face-to-face activities.

Does Synthio Offer Custom Projects?

Absolutely! Synthio has many project-based clients. Please call 1.888.530.6723 or email for details.

Do you Provide Client References?

We encourage you to look at our Customers page where a sample of our customers are listed. Should you need additional references we are happy to provide them.

Is the Data Available for Resale?

Special contracts and pricing are offered for data resellers. Please contact to receive a quote.

Do I Have to Buy a Subscription Package?

There are multiple ways to purchase our data. Subscription and pay-as-you-go models are both available. Please contact a sales person to discuss your specific needs at

Can I JUST Have my Emails Validated?

Yes, Synthio offers that service as an a la carte choice.

Does Synthio Offer Free Trials?

Yes, you can run searches for free, but you cannot download the data under the free trial. We also have Proof of Concept options available to test the data. Please contact for more information.

When Do I Get Access to the System? Do I Have to Pay First?

Payment must be received before gaining full access to the Synthio platform. View-only trial access can be granted at no cost, but contacts cannot be downloaded.


Can I Email the Contacts Synthio Supplies Without Their Permission?

The laws for email solicitation vary from country to country. In the United States, the CAN SPAM act has clear guidelines on how to send an unsolicited email in compliance with US law.

How Does Synthio Address Privacy Concerns?

The data we provide comes from publicly-available sources volunteered from the individuals themselves. We cannot and do not make private information available to the public.

Will Synthio Share my Data with Other Companies?

Synthio never shares or disseminates any data between customers, nor will they ever resell customer data.


What Types of List Formats Can You Append?

Synthio can append contact lists that are in .XLS, .XLSX, or .CSV.

I Uploaded a File to be Appended but Got ZERO Results. What Gives?

Several things can cause problems.

1. Make sure you do not have any columns named “key” – that is a very important internal Synthio field and thus will mess things up.

2. To match you need either: email OR First Name + Last Name + Company Name/Company URL/DUNS. So, if you are missing important elements, matching will not work.

What Fields Do you Need for Appending?

To get results you need either: email OR First Name + Last Name + Company Name/Company URL/DUNS. So, if you are missing important elements, matching will not work. Results are enhanced by using location and title.

Can You Append Data to a List of ONLY Emails?


What is the Average Append Rate?

The average append rate is above 95%. Please note that this rate varies depending on the quality of the information in your append file.

What is the Typical Turnaround Time for Appending a List?

The typical turnaround time is 24 hours or less.

Email Validation

What Does Each Code Mean Within the Email Validation Output?

Here are all the Status Codes that might come back.

  • Success – The address was SMTP-verified to an existing recipient
  • Failed – The address failed SMTP, no recipient
  • Accept All – The SMTP server will respond with success for any (even non-existent) address
  • Personal – The address belongs to a known personal email host (Hotmail, Gmail, etc)
  • Invalid Mailbox – The structure of the email address is not valid (invalid characters)
  • Blocked – The SMTP server would not respond to the validating server
  • Timeout – The SMTP server took too long to respond
  • High Risk – These addresses are known honey pots and litigation traps
  • Complainer – These addresses are known to frequently file spam reports
  • Fraud List – These addresses are known to be fake.


Here are all the Email Validation Risk Codes that might come back.

  • Black – Do not use – Fake.
  • Blue – Personal/B2C, not validated.
  • Green – Good, validated success or accept all and still at company.
  • Yellow – Caution, validated success or accept all and not at company, or validation inconclusive (blocked or timeout).
  • Red – High Risk, validation failed.

***Please note that only Success or Accept All will be returned for email addresses originating from Synthio. Those with any other status are removed from our system.***

Why is my Bounce Rate High?

Email verification occurs through a system that checks how a recipient server responds to a request. It does not send actual emails to see what happens. We provide information as to how that server responds to a request, but we can never guarantee an email will go through. This is a combination of many factors including the setup of the recipient server, the content of your email, how you send your email, and the validity of the email address.

What is the Deal with ``Timeout`` on Email Status?

“Timeout” as an email status indicates that the email request was neither approved nor denied, just simply didn’t make it though in the allotted time. If you see a lot of timeouts, it could be because you are trying to validate a lot of emails from the same company, and their server is now wise to the validation company’s IP address. Before thinking the system is broken, please double check to see how many folks from each company you are trying to validate.

We have begun to monitor “timeout” frequency so as to gain perspective on the realm of “normal.”

Accounts and Billing

What are the Limitations on the Usage of Synthio?

Synthio is unique in that we offer unlimited end-user subscription access via one login ID. Depending on the subscription package you sign up for, the total number of contacts downloaded per month may be limited according to your pricing plan. We do not allow our purchased data or email validation results to be resold without our consent. For more detail on reselling our data, please contact

Why am I Getting a Subscription Overage on my Appends?

If a customer reports receiving an error like “Your subscription usage for appends is over the limit.  The requested job was blocked.  Please contact Synthio.”, they were caught by the limit checks.  Please contact Customer Success to determine next steps,

All jobs (appends, originations, or originations by company), either from the API, UI, or integrations are checked before they run to determine whether or not the account’s subscription has already exceeded its limit plus a bit of a cushion.  In addition, we run a pre-check to determine if the requested job results, after the job runs, would put them over their limit (with cushion added, of course). The cushion exists so that the checks allow a bit of flexibility in the enforcement of limits.

Trial accounts are excluded from limit checks.

How Many Logins Can my Company Have?

You get one login but may have multiple users of that login.

Do I Own the Data that I Download?

If you are a professional business user you have rights to use the Synthio data as long as your subscription is active.

What if I Decide I want to Increase the Usage on my Account so I can Get More Assets?

We will allow you to pay the difference and change the volumes you can download as well as the effective start date.

What Forms of Payment Does Synthio Accept?

Synthio accepts credit card payments for any invoice under $5,000 per month. Invoice amounts over $5,000 must be paid by check or wire transfer.