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Stay Classy, San Diego!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

Our team has returned from San Diego and we are more than excited to share everything we learned at the 2017 Gartner Digital Marketing Conference with our company! Like the other tradeshows we have attended this year, this conference marked our debut as Synthio (formerly Social123) at a Gartner event. With such a strong, energized event, here are a few of our favorite take-aways:


Captivating Keynote Speakers

How can we showcase our highlights from the show without first acknowledging the impeccable line-up of 5 keynote speakers? We heard from:

  • Scott Galloway, Founder and Chairman of L2
  • Josh Linkner, Tech Entrepreneur, Hyper-Growth Leader and Bestselling Author
  • Platon, World-Renowned, Award-Winning Photographer, The New Yorker and Master Storyteller
  • Martin Kihn, Research VP at Gartner
  • Jake Sorofman, Research VP at Gartner.

In addition to these exceptional speakers, we heard from a multitude of industry experts throughout the various breakout sessions.


Themes of GartnerDMC

Over the course of 3 days, we heard the speakers and session leaders discuss trends, tools, techniques and technologies that marketers can implement and invest into their strategies to fit the needs of the modern-day customer. Everything from Artificial Intelligence’s rising role in B2B marketing to the continued growth of Account-Based Marketing programs to the increasing importance of quality data was discussed by experts in the industry. However, two of the most prevalent topics throughout the conference were technology and content.

As we see more and more technological advancements daily, it comes as no shock that these innovations are affecting the way marketers do their jobs. It was mentioned that CMOs are spending almost as much on technology as CTOs and CIOs. Jake Sorofman, a Research VP at Gartner, noted that in 2017 a quarter of every marketing dollar spent will go towards technology to enrich marketing efforts. With AI becoming more significant in this day and age, the future of marketing was discussed as robots are gradually incorporated into many marketing processes. In fact, during the “Marketers Take the Lead” keynote, a graphic was displayed contrasting the differences between robotic and human capabilities in marketing.

Throughout the course of the conference, a strong focus revolved around content. With the typical prospect touching six different channels before becoming a customer, there was a heavy importance placed on creating significant, memorable moments at each touchpoint. By creating different content per different touch points, you can keep your audience tuned in and engaged with unique, personalized content. During his session, Chris Lynch, CMO at Cision, noted that creating authentic content that is “human, emotive, and original” works best for converting prospects into customers.


GartnerDMC Through Our Eyes

Three of our team members went to represent Synthio and network with marketers from all across the country. Synthio’s own Director of Marketing, Emily Wingrove, even held a session discussing the process of combining an Account-Based Marketing program with a traditional lead generation practice. With ABM aligning B2B Sales and Marketing teams, Emily thoroughly detailed how to find the right targeted contacts at targeted accounts, while still maintaining the focus generating new, qualified leads. Check out some of our exciting pics from #GartnerDMC 2017 below!




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