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Product Suite

Welcome to the Product Suite! This is the complete hub for all aspects of our Data as a Service Platform, the only automated software for contact databases.

Search for Contacts Using the SynthSearch Product, powered by Synthio


Synthio has the largest and most accurate contact database available with millions of worldwide contacts. What’s more, each of those contacts has been linked to company firmographic data, providing a complete business persona. And all of the email addresses we offer have been validated. Using our cutting edge algorithms, we are able to take various sources of information about a person and double verify them. We then synthesize the data points into a single, accurate contact record, making the contact databases we serve highly accurate and more actionable than ever.

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Data Appending

In marketing, your audience is your most important asset. It is arguably more important than your product. In order to best market to your audiences and contact databases, you have to know as much about them as possible.


Starting with your data, our algorithms match to contacts and companies within our database. We then layer on Synthio’s 50+ data points. Our Data Health Analysis that comes with each Append highlights whitespace enrichment and data that is different from yours. Now your audience is up-to-date.

Synthio can also connect those freemail email addresses. Freemail addresses are no longer wasted space in your CRM/MAP because our software can link them back to a B2B email address and persona. Once it has been tied back to a B2B email address, then we can start layering the other 50+ rich data points.

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Grow and Enrich your b2b contact databases using Synthio's SynthSearch product

Global Data

Trying to penetrate markets in EMEA? APAC? LATAM? Not so easy, is it? In the past, finding a data partner to supply not just international data, but ACCURATE international data has been just about impossible. However, Synthio boasts an international dataset of MILLIONs of B2B professionals outside of the United States.

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Account Based Marketing

With Synthio’s ABM functionality, users can now upload a list of targeted titles and targeted accounts into the Synthio app, and the app will deliver a list of all the targeted titles at your targeted accounts.


Those GMail/Yahoo/ Hotmail email addresses are now VALUABLE! We can instantly link them to a B2B email and persona.

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remove duplicates, identify outdated records, and standardize your data using Synthio's SynthClean product

Data Cleansing

The most important thing to know about contact databases is that they need CONSTANT attention. Because of our extremely transient workforce, contact data expires faster than any other type of data. A study by HubSpot found that databases decay at a rate of 22.5% per year. For that reason, contact databases have to be constantly cleaned, monitored, and standardized… all while potentially being augmented and manipulated by multiple departments and various people.


Synthio’s data cleansing algorithms can take multiple contact databases, regardless of source or formatting, and unify them into a single, more usable dataset. From there, our algorithms identify duplicates, standardize titles/numbers/addresses/etc, identify contact records that are out-of-date, and suggest what new data points are needed to make it as actionable as possible.


For more information about data cleansing, check out our Data Cleansing FAQs.

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Tech Installs

We are in an age where we are defined by the technologies we use. Building out buyer personas almost always includes consideration of the technology stack.


Synthio has developed a proprietary algorithm to match companies to technology installations. Whether or not a company uses Salesforce or hosts their website on WordPress affects how, when, and if they will buy your product. Knowing who uses your competitors’ software and knowing who uses complementary software is a major asset to add to your contact databases.

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Integration Hub

Our synthesized data solution integrates seamlessly with Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and a tool that allows users to access our powerful Data as a Service platform inside the most widely used CRM,

The Salesforce integration uses a tool that allows users to access our powerful Data as a Service platform inside Salesforce. It sits inside of the lead, account, and opportunity records to expose your sales team to the data they need to win. We start by getting the titles of everyone in your funnel – and only those titles. We then search the public web to find the people that currently have those roles at the companies you are trying to sell.


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