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Account-Based Marketing
Target your ideal buyer personas.
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Connect with Target Personas at Target Accounts

Upload target lists of companies or titles to locate contacts that match your buying groups.

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The B2B Balancing Act

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Find Contacts at Your Target Accounts

Market to contacts that fit your ideal buyer personas.

Upload Lists of Target Accounts

Upload a list of target companies to find prospects at target accounts.

Locate Contacts in a Buying Group

Identify all contacts in a buying group who have purchasing power.

Upload Lists of Target Titles

Upload a list of target titles to find prospects at target accounts.

Get in Front of Decision-Makers

Scale your marketing efforts and get in front of key stakeholders at target accounts. 

Use Personas to Find More Contacts

Utilize buyer personas to find prospective buyers at target accounts.

Meet People Where They Are

(not where they were)

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