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Keep your B2B contact database in tiptop shape

If your idea of keeping your contact database fresh is buying new lists, Synthio has a better approach. Our data management solution does all of the heavy lifting for you by constantly cleansing and enriching your existing contact data, ensuring your data remains fresh, accurate and healthy.

Contact databases degrade at an average rate of 32% rate annually: today’s workforce is more transient than ever. That tradeshow list you purchased two years ago? Sorely outdated. Those key decision makers you worked with on large deals? They’ve moved on. As a result, the integrity of your data begins to slip. Campaign performance begins to suffer. The number of Marketing Qualified Leads decline.

Maintaining the health of your contact data on an ongoing basis is fundamental to any successful business today. Synthio makes it easy to be sure you have the most accurate and fresh B2B contact data possible.

Always-On Cleansing: Keep your contacts fresh

Our always-on data management is continually looking for updated, publicly available information, and our unique triple-validation process helps ensure your campaigns make it into their target inbox.

Because we follow people (and not just companies), Synthio is the only data management company that actually tracks employment history, making it easy to identify and update outdated contact records.

Plus, our contact-centric vs. company-centric approach ensures your outbound email efforts remain in compliance with all of the latest regulations, such as GDPR and CASIL.

With Synthio, you can:

  • Merge and purge duplicate contacts to eliminate redundancies
  • Remove old contacts and dirty data from your marketing automation platform and CRM
  • Validate all email addresses and get an associated risk level
  • Identify and validate changes to any contact information
  • Quickly validate contact information before hitting send on your email campaigns
  • Know where your contacts are today — not last month
  • Understand the baseline health of your current data with a detailed Data Health Analysis

Synthio is your best source to ensure you maintain a healthy B2B marketing contacts database.

Enrich your existing data

Grow your insights into your contacts with Synthio’s 50+ data fields per contact. Synthio can enrich your data to fill in the gaps that are critical to ABM and personalized marketing strategies. Color the white space in your B2B contact data with new data insights.
Our multilayer validation helps to ensure you have the most accurate contact information available and a dataset that you can rely on:

  • Fill in missing data fields, including email addresses, company size, revenue, industry and more, from 50+ data fields for deeper segmentation
  • Gain deeper insights into your target audience by enriching records with demographic, firmographic and technographic data
  • Automatically enrich basic form fills in your marketing automation platform, improving your online experience for prospects
  • Build more precise segments and personalized email campaigns for account-based marketing programs and strategic selling
  • Replace personal email addresses with a B2B email address and persona so you can continue to market to them
  • Recover contacts you thought were too risky to keep and keep existing contacts up to date

Synthio can help you grow both the volume and the depth of your current B2B contact information.

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT: Filling in the Whitespace for Targeted Campaigns

A Fortune 1000 company wanted to run a highly targeted email campaign. Although they had several hundred thousand contact records in their database, they only found 350 contacts for this particular segment. On top of that, some contacts were missing titles, industry and other relevant information. Synthio was able to supplement their target audience with net-new contacts, as well as update and enrich their existing contact records with the missing data fields, so the marketing team could target — and reach — thousands of relevant prospects.

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT: Cleanse and Enrich Contact Data

After experiencing low returns from their marketing campaigns, a mid-size firm used Synthio’s Data Health Analysis to get a better understanding of the health of their database. They learned that 23% of their contacts were undeliverable. After using Synthio’s data cleansing and enrichment capabilities, they were able to add a large percentage of their contact data. Instead of just moving those contacts to a suppression list, the company was able to recover those contacts and improve campaign performance that ultimately helped fill sales pipeline with MQLs.