Contact Enrichment

Enhance your existing database with over 50 additional data fields for better account targeting and more granular segmentation.

4-Step Process Analyze | Identify | Enrich | Add

50+ Fields for Lead Routing and Scoring

Discover Lookalike Personas

Looking to expand your target list?

Looking to reach a new buyer persona or expand your Total Addressable Market?
Maybe you’re ready to break into a new vertical or explore a new geographical region?
Whatever your business and marketing objectives may be, choose a professional B2B data acquisition and management partner that can not only get you the contacts you need now, but also keep your contacts fresh over time.

Find targeted net-new contacts

Once you’ve identified your ideal buyers, find new contacts that fit your ideal customer profile. You can search on specific or partial titles, specific companies, revenue, company size, tech stack and more.
From the C-suite to across the organizational chart, quickly find the right contacts with our easy-to-use, self-service data platform:

  • Search and filter our database of over 115 million B2B global contacts
  • Access over 50+ fields of data for each net-new contact
  • Search for triple-validated contact data that has been human-verified, web-confirmed and email-validated
  • Use our system to identify and add look-alike contacts and accounts
  • Locate the individual contact, not just company headquarters

Go global

Synthio provides the highest volume of global B2B marketing contacts. And because we triple-validate our contact information, you can confidently navigate GDPR compliance.
If you’re planning to enter new markets or new geographies, you can:

  • Add new geographies with more than 45M global contacts
  • Search and filter our database by region, country, state and more
  • Expand your global reach with international searches in LATAM, EMEA, APAC and NORAM

With 45 million validated emails, Synthio is your best source for accurate email contacts to help you reach your new targets.

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT: Understanding Your Total Addressable Market

A software organization wanted to find net-new contact information for compliance officers at large financial institutions. First, they wanted to understand how many financial institutions are out there and their Total Addressable Market. After searching Synthio’s B2B contact database by title, industry, company size and revenue, the client was able to determine that 23% of the financial institutions were not represented in their database. Synthio was able to provide the company with the right contacts from the remaining organizations to ensure their marketing campaigns reached 100% of their total addressable market.

SYNTHIO IN ACTION: Respecting Marketo’s Storage Limits

When it comes to bringing new contact records into Marketo, you have to be selective so you don’t exceed your contractual limitations for data storage. Synthio can help you determine which contacts you should bring into your marketing automation platform and CRM, which ones need to be updated and which ones you should let go.