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Enhance your existing database with over 50 additional data fields for better account targeting and more granular segmentation.

4-Step Process Analyze | Identify | Enrich | Add

50+ Fields for Lead Routing and Scoring

Discover Lookalike Personas

Synthio’s novel Contact Data Maintenance offering continuously feeds your Marketing Automation Platform with fresh, up-to-date data for more effective targeting and better delivery performance. It means fewer  bounces and lower chances of being blacklisted because of stale or erroneous contact information. It means higher open and click-through rates, and better qualified leads for your sales team.

Our approach also means you can stop burning valuable labor verifying list data, focusing instead on creating winning marketing campaigns.

Synthio integrates seamlessly to your MAP or CRM, driving greater and higher quality conversions from your campaigns. Our automatic, ongoing Contact Data Maintenance provides data cleansing and data enrichment services, enabling you to create highly targeted email campaigns (learn about Data Cleansing vs. Data Enriching here). Synthio supports most leading CRM and MAP systems including Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, and Eloqua.