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Find new contacts that fit your ideal buyer profile with ease to boost campaign and sales performance.

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Today’s CMO is charged with getting the most personalized message possible to the broadest audience possible in the most efficient manner.

Bringing net-new contacts into your database and filling in whitespace can help you reach more inboxes and send more targeted communications. But how do you know you’re adding the right ones?

Gain a 360-degree view of your target accounts

More than 281 billion emails are sent annually. In order to break through the noise, emails must instantly connect to your buyers in a personal way.

Synthio’s data platform doesn’t just add new contacts or append your existing records. Our solution can also quickly consume and analyze your current database — whether you have tens of thousands or tens of millions contact records — so you can build more granular segmentation and more personalized email campaigns.

We look at the trends your database is hiding away under all the data, including:

  • Top industries and associated accounts
  • Most common functions and job titles
  • Average company size and revenue

Once you’ve identified your ideal buyers, you can search for look-a-like contacts by title, industry, company, geography and so on. You can continue to refine your search before deciding which contacts you want to bring into your database.

Discover additional insights with demographic, firmographic & technographic data

Does your product only integrate with certain billing or financial systems? Does it only operate on the iOS platform? Do you specialize in midmarket organizations and currently only sell internationally to limited countries in South America and Europe?

If you play in a niche market and only sell to businesses using certain technology tools, you’re in luck. Synthio layers in demographic, firmographic and technographic data for all of our contact records, so you can match your ideal buyer profile and send targeted communications with ease:

  • Find targeted contacts by company size, revenue and geographic location
  • Use technological insights to better understand your buyer
  • Make informed product and marketing decisions
  • Execute a more effective marketing strategy
  • Ensure your product messaging complements your target audience’s tech stack

With more than 30 technologies categorized in our platform, you’ll gain insight into your prospects’ technical infrastructure to find a more ideal match for marketing your products. Find your desired contacts based on the technologies they currently use, including:

  • Marketing Automation: Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Pardot
  • CRM: Salesforce, Velocify, SugarCRM, Sage CRM
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Act-On, Brainshark, Experian
  • Expense Management: Trinet, Expensify, Concur and Nexonia
  • ERP: Oracle, Sage, Yardi, QuickBooks
  • And more

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT: The Power of Segmentation

After using Synthio to gain a more complete picture of their buyers, a technology company identified a new segment of Spanish-speaking buyers. Armed with this new information, the company acquired Spanish-speaking contacts and launched a campaign to this segment using the targets’ preferred language. When they converted their content into Spanish and sent it to this newly identified segment, email campaign response rates skyrocketed from 10-15 to 35 percent!

Support your Account-Based Marketing Initiatives

Once you’ve learned more about your existing contacts and identified your ideal buyers, you can build precision-targeted lists and campaigns:

Market to contacts that best fit your ideal buyer personas:

  • Discover target personas and information about individuals for more personalized campaigns
  • Capture 50+ data fields per contact
  • Upload a list of target companies or titles to find prospects at target accounts
  • Identify all contacts in a buying group who have purchasing power
  • Fine-tune your target list by learning more information about each individual, including trigger events (changes in leadership, mergers & acquisitions and new product launches)
  • Pinpoint the critical business issues your target contacts are trying to address

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT: Targeting Account-Based Marketing

After identifying a gap in their marketing pipeline, a global firm decided to take a more strategic approach to generating new opportunities from targeted accounts. Using Synthio, the organization was able to improve the accuracy and completeness of their contact database, more precisely identify their target personas and build personalized messages that were sure to resonate with their targets. As a result, they improved marketing campaign performance by 20% and more than closed the gap in their pipeline.

“We found Synthio to be a very valuable resource for us to use not only when researching our target accounts, but also in giving us background information on the contacts that helped us develop our hypothesis about the business issues they were facing. The insights really helped us improve our understanding of what was going on in those accounts at a detailed level, which is critical for any successful account-based marketing campaign.”

Tim Sullivan, Vice President of Business Development
Sales Performance International (SPI)