Data Quality Analysis

Synthio’s exclusive, no-cost, no-obligation Data Quality Analysis is an advanced diagnostic tool that examines your contact database in order to identify areas where Synthio can improve your overall data quality.

  • Enrichment: Provides the number of records in your original dataset that would benefit from enrichment. Also included is a field-by-field fill rate on the relevant fields you would want for better segmentation.
  • Email Risk: Provides in-depth analysis against known spam traps, malformed or incomplete records (High Risk), and high deliverability probability (Low Risk).
  • Recovery: Number of contacts that have moved companies for which Synthio has updated information. Also includes recovering hard bounced emails to a working email.
  • Cleanse: Number of high-risk contact records which could be purged or archived from the database, including duplicates found in your data.
  • Ideal Buyer Profile – Analyzes your data to create an Ideal Buyer Profile to help you target the right companies and the right contacts so you can target the right people.
  • Buyer Builder: Identifies data in Synthio’s master list conforming to your Ideal Buyer Profile that your contact database doesn’t have. These are potential net-new buyers that you aren’t reaching today.

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