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This Data Cleansing Feature is Coming Soon!



The most important thing to know about contact datasets is that they need CONSTANT attention.Because of our extremely transient workforce, contact data expires faster than any other type of data. For that reason, contact databases have to be constantly cleaned, monitored, and standardized… all while potentially being augmented /manipulated by multiple departments and various people. It simply can’t be a once a year activity to review the health of a database; a healthy database requires frequent and regular attention.

In the meantime, check out our whitepaper on dirty data and where it originates:

transient work force leads to rapid contact expiration and the need for data cleansing

Contact data expires faster than any other type of data. An interesting study by HubSpot found that contact data expires at a rate of 22% annually. Since a contact database is a marketer’s most important asset, this is alarming. However, in order to fix the problem, the source of it must be identified first. Where does dirty data originate in the first place?