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Those Pesky B2C Email Addresses...





Whether they're gathered from online web forms, events, or legacy lists, no marketer wants to add gmails/yahoos/hotmails into their marketing automation platforms. These types of emails are much more likely to bounce, and there typically isn’t much to glean from a B2C email address since there is not necessarily a first name or last name associated with it, and there is definitely no company domain associated with it. They may not be the most common type of email in your MAP/CRM, but they're still worth something. Let's say freemail email addresses only make up 2% of your database; if your database is 500k contacts, then a whopping 10,000 of them have risky B2C email addresses and worse, you don't know much about them.



So what’s a marketer to do?....DON'T DELETE THEM - SynthConnect them!

connect b2c email addresses back to a B2B email address