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Over the course of conference season, Synthio occasionally gets offered the opportunity to speak on a panel or in a session.  Synthio Talks is a place for you to come and relive those moments (or see them for the first time if you didn’t get to attend).  These sessions/panels are filled with valuable information that we want to share with you!

Synthio Talks

#FlipMyFunnel Atlanta – 5 Hacks for Getting Down and Dirty with Data: How Evergage Uses Synthio

FMF Atlanta - 5 Data Hacks

December 8, 2016

Speaker: Joe McKenna (Synthio) and Eileen Chow (Evergage)


Data can be tricky, but with these 5 data hacks, you’ll be on track for success. We teamed up with our friends at Evergage to bring this helpful case study session to the #FlipMyFunnel crowd.