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Use Cases for Optimizing Email Campaign Conversions featuring Matt Heinz


Presented by DemandGen Report and Social123 

In this session, you’ll hear real-world examples of how B2B marketers are improving their results by sending the right email to the right person at the right time. You will also hear from thought leader Matt Heinz who will share how data optimization steps are helping to enable audience development and audience analysis for effective segmentation. Through a mix of best practices and prescriptive examples, the session will show how segmentation, targeting a is can help improve messaging and enable marketers to pair top-notch content with key personas. 


Topics Covered:

  • Data sourcing and data quality
  • Email marketing strategies and campaign planning guideline
  • Segmentation strategies for personalized messaging
  • Integrating advanced marketing strategies with email
  • Deliverability and data governance
  • Measurement and campaign analysis
Lead Lifecycle Series 2016 - Use Cases for Optimizing Email Campaign Conversions

8 Ways to Humanize Your Brand with Data featuring Meagen Eisenberg


Presented by Social123 CEO Aaron Biddar and Insightpool CEO Devon Wijesinghe

Social123 and Insightpool present this powerful Webinar on 8 Ways to Humanize Your Brand with Data featuring B2B Marketing guru, Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of MongoDB. Moderated by CEO of Social123 Aaron Biddar, and Insightpool CEO Devon Wijesinghe, we delve deep into what it means to have a ‘human-to-human’ marketing approach.


Topics Covered:
• Identify Key Influencers for Your Brand
• The Rise of Characteristic Data
• Establish a Genuine and Unique Brand Voice
• Build a Deeper Connection with Your Audience
• Stay Engaged Over Time
• Omni-Channel H2H Approach
• Conversations OVER Conversions
• The Future of Social Data in 2016

8 Ways to Humanize Your Brand with Data, featuring Meagen Eisenberg

FIS Enhances Their Data Orchestration Process with Social123

Presented by Social123 CEO Aaron Biddar and FIS Demand Gen. Director Cristal Foster

Leading financial organization, FIS Global enhanced their Data Orchestration Process with Social123’s social sourced contact data. Markie Award winner, and Director of Demand Generation, Cristal Foster explains how using accurate B2B contact data and Social123’s data append enhanced their marketing results.

How FIS Enhanced Their Data Orchestration with Social123

B2B Contact Data Equals Marketing Success

Presented by Social123 CEO Aaron Biddar

The marketing automation industry is the fastest growing segment in the nation, with $120 billion projected to be spent by 2025. With literally thousands of marketing technology options on the market, it is extremely difficult for a marketer to understand what area of marketing technology offers the best solution. Marketers know ALL too well that digital marketing starts with B2B CONTACT DATA…and interestingly enough, B2B contact data expires faster than any other kind of data. You can have every new marketing platform on the market to generate content, messaging and even platforms to deploy….but where is the ROI if all of the carefully crafted messaging isn’t reaching the right people?

B2B Contact Data = Marketing Success

BrainShark Drives Marketing with B2B Social Contact Data

Presented by Brainshark

Brainshark uses Social123’s B2B contact data search engine to build targeted lists based on their ideal buyer persona that support micro campaigning. Brainshark focuses on delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. The use of B2B social contact data has generated interaction with their audience through insights such as user groups, interests, skills, and more, to develop a strategic message and enhance demand generation. With improved insights from social data, marketing is able to pass on qualified leads to their sales departments. Don’t take our word for it; listen to how Brainshark is enhancing sales, ROI and customer interaction with Social123.

How Brainshark Uses Social Data for Lead Generation