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Synthio’s Team

Our Leadership Team

Founder and CEO
Aaron Biddar

Aaron is the Founder and CEO of Synthio overseeing the day-to-day operations. As his third and most successful startup, Synthio's data platform is a must-have for B2B marketers to identify and target new audiences by leveraging self-reported contact data.

VP of Technology
Brian Klippel

Brian leads our Technology department and is the brains behind the technology that allows Synthio to have the largest and most structured contact dataset in the world. Klippel manages an all-star team of developers, and together they are responsible for the growth and evolution of our software.

Director of Marketing
Jamie Walker

Jamie heads up all aspects of marketing for Synthio and is especially invested in Demand Generation. Walker has more than 12 years of invaluable experience implementing and executing demand gen programs for midsize and enterprise-level B2B organizations.

Executive Vice President
Bob Cramer

Bob heads up Corporate Development and focuses on fundraising, business development, and corporate strategy.

VP of Product
Hunter Eskew

Hunter heads up the Product department and is responsible for making sure the product meets the needs of our customers and provides innovative Data as a Service.

VP of Strategic Alliances
Melissa Murphy

Melissa heads up the Indirect Sales division that nurtures and develops our partnerships, improves sales flow, and manages channel development.